Waves of Time Distortion


The Pyramid Scheme

Many scifi movies, and fantasy movies for that matter, use the backdrop of Egyptian lore as the 'fodder' of their ...

Walmart's Children

Your single; you want to have a child of your own, but you do not want to get married. You ...

the TWILITE thingy

So, my daughter, who has suffered through several episodes of Hawaii Five-0, and Star Trek movies recently, cashed in her ...

Naked Thumb Suckers

Would you like to be a Naked Thumb Sucker? What is that? The Matrix movies, the first one being the ...

Bisexual Scifi

Yeah, I bet that caught your eye!!! Women and Scifi. They seem to go together as good as oil and ...

Them Other Humans!

I was watching the movie THE ISLAND recently. Its the movie about clones starring Ewan McGregor. It was actually not ...

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