In the movie LOGAN'S RUN, based on the novel of the same name by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, when a person reaches the age of 30 they take part in a celebration called Carrousel, and are killed during a fantastic celebration of death. Anyone who refuses is hunted down and killed anyway.

The Earth, in the 23 century, had suffered through the ravages of over population. Since diseases were no longer killing enough people, nor were wars, something had to be done. So, when people turned 30, their time was up. AARP no doubt lost its right to lobby

Here we are now, in the early 21st century. 40 plus years have passed since the novel Logan's Run was published and over population hasn't been solved yet. There are over 8 billion people now, one can only imagine how many there will be at the turn of the next century.

So what to do? Do you limit the amount of children a family can have? Do you actually increase the taxes on those who have children (rather than reward them as the tax code does now)?

Over population is what will fuel the coming conflicts over water and other precious resources and yet we still have a large percentage of humanity believing in one form or religion or another; belief systems that have, at their core, the need to have more 'believers' so as to perpetuate the belief system.

If you were the absolute ruler of the world, what steps would you take to fix this growing problem?

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