That could be the headline in three years from now; why? Because lunatic elements of the Democratic Party are going to push the independents, just as they did in 1980 and again in 94 (congress) and 2000, to the Republican side. Being that I am all wise, I will try to stop this from happening by telling you what NOT to do. Pay attention, Snugglefish and Magicten..this is for you.

extreme left-wing GAY AGENDA whackos...

This ADAM LAMBERT issue is a perfect example. Hate to spoil your cause, but independents, not just those in the midwest, but most places, do not want simulated GAY SEX on Good Morning America, the Today Show, or CBS's Morning show. You can keep pretending that they do, but they don't. Go ahead and make Barak take a stand on this and, well, it wont matter; he will most likely distance himself from it. He can not come out in favor of GAY SEX on morning tv. It would be suicide. Its just that simple.

These Presidental campaigns are won and lost in the middle. Is it any wonder that in states as left as Maine they vote down same-sex bills? Because the middle doesn't support same-sex marriages not yet. Hillary and Barak both dodged the issue in the campaign for good reason; they're smart. I have recently heard some Gay Activist say they will hold Barak's feet to fire on this, and make it an issue during the 2012 General Election; go ahead. See what will happen. You will help elect Palin, or whatever Republican is on the ticket.

Anti-War wing of the Party;

Michael Moore and Jerry Brown are already nipping at Barak Obama's handling of both wars; Iraq and Afganistan. I actually agree with, shock and awe, Moore. We should get the heck out of both places; and now. But Barak wont, and it will anger the leftwing whackos. And if Barak shows any sign of caving to them, he will lose points there. (Unless he would just use his great communication skills and explain why we should get the hell out of there..but I digress)

Climate war;

Although Americans are in general supportive of some Global Warming bill, it will fade fast if any of it is passed on to the, gasp, tax-payers. Especially if the Heathcare bill challenges the 1.5 trillion mark by the time it passes. You start telling the average family that they will pay $1200 in taxes for a Climate Bill on top of 1.5 trillion? Not good.

Gay Causes, Global Warming, the War. All of them are great causes, and for the most part, I support most if not all of what they are asking for. But middle-America won't. And if a Republican wins, and wins big? There is a good chance two Supreme Court chairs will open in the next eight-ten years. If a Republican wins, and fills those two chairs (and would, if they get control of the Senate again) then watchout; Gay causes will LOSE in the long run, and Abortion Rights could be lost. Heck, slavery could come back!! And why? Because Adam Lambert didn't get to have simulated oral sex with a man on GMA.

Barak, after last year's historic win, was a lock to win in 2012. Make him take stands on these 'fluffy' (pun intended) issues, and he will join Jimmy Carter and Bush (I) as a one term President.


DaniLauder Nov. 24, 2009 @ 5:41 p.m.

Sorry Mr. Scorpio. I would vote for Hillary. I could never vote for Palin.


JimTheFin Nov. 24, 2009 @ 6:56 p.m.

Mr. Scorpio, stop deluding yourself. If Palin is elected in 2012, the primary reason won't be gay marriage or gay people. It'll be due to the poor health of the economy, unemployment, inflation, the declining value of the US dollar, lack of security from terrorism, illegal immigration, and the over all assault on the middle and working classes.

I don't care if Sarah Palin has the IQ of a fence post. Until one of our political parties comes to its senses and recognizes that the middle and working classes have rights and are worth preserving, I'll vote for her.


Josh Board Nov. 24, 2009 @ 11:47 p.m.

Scorp, You seem to be getting all riled up, and throwing all your things together and not making much sense.

There's a big difference between gay people wanted the right to get married and enjoying those benefits...and people not wanting to watch Adam simulate sex on TV.

And you can't imply ALL homosexuals act this way, just as all heterosexuals don't act like Madonna, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, or any other idiotic heterosexual celebrity that has done something goofy.


SDaniels Nov. 25, 2009 @ 3:16 a.m.

This is one of the most bizarre rants I've read in quite some time. By the way, the name of our president is "Barack Obama."


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