Well...here we go with the same old dance...a face-off between a Democrat and a Republican in the mayoral run off for November. These are the same folks that have done absolutely nothing for the People (National, State or City), and only think about getting elected once again. Self-interest, greed, power, money and ego get both of these groups up in the morning. I don't know what the solution is (maybe vote all the rascals out), but I do know that business-as-usual ain't it!

So what a choice we are presented with in November! DeMaio..a Right Wing operative who isn't even liked by his fellow Republicans; or Filner...a worn out Democrat who didn't do much in the House, and now wants to try his luck at the local level. Neither DeMaio's "slash and burn" approach to budgeting, or Filner's old ideas (he isn't a Progressive!!), is the answer.

Some how, People in this city need to wake up to what's happening around them and get involved in local politics, before it's too late. One of these mornings we'll all wake up and realize that both political parties have permanently changed America's Finest City....and you may not like the result! But you won't have anybody to blame except yourself.

Get informed, stay informed about local politics and issues, and then vote! It's the most powerful thing you can do to insure that our City, State and Nation remain a republic.


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