"WHO DARES WINS"--British Army SAS Motto. "Who Cares Wins"--Title of song by Anthrax.

I often use a "signature" when I write my e-mails, a simple line that let folks know that they were "on-line" with me, and not some "Spamticon" program that's going to deluge them with mega-spam ten seconds after we sign off.

For my "signature," I took the motto of the British Army's Special Air Service (Their elite and world-famous commandos based at Hereford), and combined it with a song by Anthrax (speed-metal band from New York City) about homelessness. the result: "Who dares to care, wins!"

And indeed we do!

It's not easy to "dare to care." We are often seen as overly "sensitive." We are seen as "needing to lighten up." "We are often told to "get a life"...and many times, not politely. For too many in society, to be seen as "caring" is to be seen as a "wussy." That somehow, I am not a "real man" because I give a damn about what goes on both in my life and the world around me. These folks still follow the cult of "The Code of The Duke" aka: John Wayne. To them, to be seen as a caring soul only merits derision, despisement...and outright death from a .45 slug.

Yeah, right...after you finish channeling that phony-baloney blowhard, Skeezix, why don't you go play Dodgeball out on Highway 78 with oncoming traffic?

Let's be serious here, folks...if you cannot care about anything that goes on, be it with you and/or the world you live in? You either have some major issues, or are just naturally nihillistic. For if I did not care, I would not be writing this--or any other--blog thread on this site. For blogging is tailor-made for those who give a damn about what is going on in life, because it requires that you write down what you are thinking, while keeping it real. A lot of folks can recognize BS, and will let you know if you are just shoveling the muck onto your thread--or if you are keeping your content real.

I do care a lot about what I see and hear in my life--and do not mind sharing some of it with you kind folks. As for those who don't care? Folks like David Westerfield (Condemned Row @ San Quentin State Prison)? Floyd Landis (banned from cycling because of 'roids)? Pete Rose (banned from MLB for life because of betting on his own team)? Leona Helmsley (did Federal time for income tax evasion, left her wealth to her pooch)?

Fat lot of good not caring did for these folks, if you get my drift!

Like I always say, :"Who dares to care, wins." You might not win at the moment, but eventually, there will be something nice coming your way. To me, that's worth it!


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Founder July 23, 2010 @ 11:33 a.m.

LPR, Great Post "thar"I

I really relate to your motto, you see as for myself, my motto is, "Follow Me"!

Why, because it establishes a direction that others may follow if they choose, but despite what others may or may not decide to do or not do, I'm following my beliefs onward (hopefully along the Right Path) according to the best of my abilities. Each of US can only do so much and for me, the trick is not to wait until others decide what is right for me and the rest of US to do (for them).

Like you, I also take the "long view" and realize that time will not only soften the impact of any blow to my "reality" but will also put it into perspective. Life in San Diego is getting much harder for all the folks that live by the Golden Rule, because those with the Gold are now making Rules for themselves and their wealthy friends instead of doing what's best for all of US!


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