Oh the verbal compliment of how your service was for the evening.The guest envelopes with gratitude and expedient service. They even sometimes go as far as to say it was the best service they ever had. Dun dun dun...they leave you 7% gratuity. There is service out there warranting the 7% tip, sometimes even nothing. I alone as a patron have been disappointed in my food and the service. I will not name the restaurant, but I specifically remember napkins being thrown at me when asked for more. I am a server, I have been been for over 15 years. I actually enjoy my job most of the time. I like serving people. But what you most understand, if you have great service and tip almost nothing...that does not just go to us. We have to tip out the hostess, the bartender, the serving assistant, and at some restaurants...the chefs. So if you leave us nothing, we practically paid for you to dine with us. Your verbal compliment doesn't help me tip out everyone else that served you that night. Nor does it put money in my pocket I use to pay my bills, put food on the table, or even gas in my car to get to said restaurant. Tips are made for those who deserve it. As much as we appreciate the positive feedback, we need just enough to make any tip off the table to help it all go around to others. If service is bad, please we understand low tipping. If you rave about us and still leave nothing we show anguish.Dedicated to "K".


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