I have been writing my blogs ever so often on what annoys the kitchen and serving staff to humorous but true. I wanted to really try to explain how hard it is for servers to do a great job pleasing every guest regardless with all the chaos that may happen in the back of the house. Trust me, a good restaurant is having cohesiveness from the entire team for success. Well you could go to an award winning chefs restaurant right here in San Diego and things can go wrong even though every participant is attempting to make each guest feel welcomed. We know the standards as bartenders, as servers, hostessing and even server assistant. Yes, we know the standards imposed on us from each manager or owner wants from us. Trust me, nine times out of ten in my experience, we are all really trying as a team. Stuff happens. We can not control everything, including the environment. Hmm..really good avocado is hard to find sometimes, even in California. Sea bass has been over fished so prices sky rocket and we can only serve what we have. Sometimes oysters are out of season. Yes we have then on our menus. But we want you to enjoy only the finest products ...period.Fresh Uni, surprisingly enough comes from the shores of La Jolla and sometimes Mother Nature and your skilled chefs say it is not good enough to serve.Point one is, every restaurant that I know of, and I am saying fine dining restaurants, have chefs that take pride in what they do.This is their form of artwork. But yes mistakes happen. I have kept myself anonymous to what restaurants I have worked for or have dined at.I went to dine with a friend at a restaurant owned by a very nice and giving chef. Actually famous chef. I was not satisfied with my meal and yes I am a server. I didn't make a complaint to get another free meal, I just wanted to state my food was cold and inedible. I never expected a response at all. So with all of that mumbling, I wanted to give a shout out to the best customer service I have experienced in a while.Even after I said I didn't want anything for free,all I was doing was to give notes to restaurants I love. This person even asked again if I could be taken care off.There was a quick response from my comments. I did not use Yelp. I was just trying to give a heads up. This person was sincerely gratious for the feedback and did not brush me off like some restaurants that I have worked for have. This person listened with all ears and was amazing. Nice to see that even if they are working high profile restaurants. Final note, I never took one free meal for my comments. Her guest service was enough.

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