Why is tipping such a weird thing for everyone? When I'm with a large group of friends and the bill comes, everyone chips in for what they bought. But not the tip or tax, and the bill is always short. When someone (mom, are you reading this?) uses a coupon, they don't realize they're supposed to tip the amount as if you didn't have that item.

People tell me sometimes I tip too much. But if I enjoyed the waiter, and thought they worked hard, I'll throw 'em a few extra bucks. Even if they got a few things wrong, personality goes a long way with me.

But, here's what I have a problem with. And, I discussed it on a radio show months ago.

If the waitress is super nice, but does everything imaginable wrong, do I still tip her? Well, I don't, and the women I'm with always have a problem with that.

Most recently, it happened at this sports bar in San Marcos. A group of friends was there for the Charger game. First, our waitress didn't want to put the Chargers on, since others were watching the 10 O'Clock games. My stepbrother said something like "At least one TV should have the Chargers, and it starts in two minutes." She said something rude to him. She never came back to give refills on the drinks (none of us drink alcohol). She brought one guy the wrong order, and never came back for him to tell her (so he ate it). He pointed it out when she finally showed up, but said that was cool, he just wanted her to know because she gave him something less expensive then he ordered. Again, she looked at him as if he was a jerk for pointing it out. I also want to point out at this time, in sports bars, watching a game for 3 hours, I tip more, since they aren't turning the table over to other customers.

When we were ready to leave, we never saw a bill. I had to go to the bar, and stand there for 10 minutes. And our waitress had to look at each menu item in a menu, to figure out the bill. A woman said "She's working the bar, too. That's why we never saw her at the table." I responded, "Well, had she said that, in a nice way, I wouldn't have had a problem."

The whole restaurant/bar is tiny, and they had multiple waitresses. So, there was no excuse. And, I left her no tip.

And we all agreed...we can no longer go back there for games. They'll just think we're cheapskates, and who knows what they'll do to our food.

On the air, I asked a waitress on the phone if there was a way to leave a nice note, saying WHY you didn't leave a tip. She said, "Oh, that's not necessary. We know if the service is bad and we're busy."

But I guarantee, this waitress isn't thinking that. She just thinks we were "difficult" since nobody else had a problem, and all left tips.

I guess my tip to her would be...learn how to be a waitress, and you'll make more money.

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