My View on Radio Covering Health Care (Apr 6, 2010)

I heard many valid criticisms from Roger and the others against the health care, but to be fair, they should have taken the time themselves to rattle off how the health care bill helps the high-risk people afford to buy health care with government help.

There are a lot of people including myself who can't afford to pay $300 and higher a month for health care coverage, and I'm 49 for only three more weeks. I would benefit if through some miracle, the right wing talk show's criticisms would be proven wrong and poor people like me would be able to afford health care.

What we really need are vouchers for working people to afford private health care provider packages of their own choosing. All working people would have a wage deduction, just like with worker's comp or whatever, to help pay for vouchers for poor people to use, with progressively older people getting a higher amounts of the price of vouchers to pay for more expensive premiums.

We could have done it without wasting tens of millions of dollars to hire 17,000 tax auditors just to see if you have a valid health care plan that includes stuff you don't need. Do I need prenatal care? Do I care for a sex change operation? Why should I get a plan to cover those and pay more money for them? It's a freaking' waste of money.

Obama has the right spirit in helping the poor, but his plan is wrong altogether. The right wing talkers provide no solution on the air for the working poor to help them get health care coverage that's subsidized by government programs (Roger did once many months ago, too infrequent.)

So in my humble opinion, Obama, and the right wing talkers get a failing grade. The Republicans aren't doing enough to overcome the Democratic domination in the House and Senate. The right wingers continue to treat the poor people as a liability.

We need real solutions to the affordability of health care for the poor. We need to make sure every citizen pays according to a sliding income scale out of their paychecks, with the poor getting a net credit (not to exceed) the cost of their choice of health care provider and plan (excess money in the voucher would go back to the health care voucher pool instead of the poor person.)

Radio also needs to be more responsible in serving the public interest in hiring knowledgeable people whose goal is to help the public as a whole instead of just the people who make over $50,000 a year in income and dis the poor with heartless talkers who are basically bigots and snobs.



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