They say crime dosn't pay, well it depends on which crime is being payed. Prison doctors make $700,000.00 a year and the cost to the inmate is $0.00. People on CA pensions are complaining they don't get enough on their pensions even though most of them move to AZ as soon as they retire from the CA government system. It looks like the chief investment officer for the CA Public Employes' Retirement System got it all at $548,142.00 salary a year. Why don't they just put it in the bank , they could save $548,140.00 a year without the investment officer. San Diego Union-Tribune 7/06/11 pp A2 With the cut in payments to medicad doctors by the government, there now is a shortage of physicans in the U.S. for the medicaid system. This will increase the cost to people who have private insurance because the providers will raise their prices because they have more doctors to pay who will have nothing to do because they will not care for the poor because their manager will not let them care for the poor with the reduced medicad payments. maybe the federal and State governments should just take all the government health care money and give it to the private insurance companies and get rid of all the medicad administers who make more than the doctors. this money influx to the private insurance companies would come with a requirement that the they provide health care for the uninsured poor.
USA Today 7/6/11 pp A1 Two other options would be to require all university educated doctors to take an oath of religious poverty and treat all people as equals. Or send the poor sick people to Mexico and pay the Mexican mafia doctors to treat them in Mexico with Spanish-Mexican, American genocide. I meet a lot of spanish people in San diego and I asked them why there are no homeless people in Spain, but San Diego is endlessly full of them.They say well, the truth of the matter is that we don't have any room for homeless Americans here in San Diego. Like they think this is Spain even though the Mexicans threw them out over 200 years ago.


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