I see GM and Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase in colaboration with The Treasury Department and investment bank Lazard with Wall street have found a way to raise our taxes and get a fee for doing it. How do they do this- think about it,the government uses public debt, that is owr money to give $50E9 loans to GM, that can not be collected because because we are being underemployed and not paying enouph taxes. Now they want to sell us our own money with a IPO and recieve fee's for doing it. it is typical of the stock market to buy and sell a stock enouph times that it's value becomes negative from fees and the investor losses all their moneySounds like the company pension of our fathers that they never recieved beause the company went bust.The banks are playing the same game with low interest and high fees, as everybody knows. Now the bankers are making more money off fees than they can generate in interest because of their lost ways. Why don't people save money anymore?. They have been lead to believe that financial advisers will take care of them and their children and on and on. This allows them to love off our money with their Socialist System. Maybe it is that " IN GOD WE TRUST" means we don't have the right to wealth and ownership, but are slaves for the gods. Ref: The San Diego Union-Tribune, 6/03/2010 page C1 & C3 Now the story on solar financing, adding the cost of it's improvements to property taxes using public debt from the Obama Federal public debt and State, County and City public debt have done the same. Now again we are asked to buy our own money and pay our own pay checks in the solar industry to inable us to work. At the samr time our municipal bond interests will wilt away as the old oil based energy economy dies. Is this good or just Socialist changing to a government communalism with communism under the vose of God will take care of you, it's all right!. Ref: The San Diego Union-Tribune, 6/03/2010 page C1 & C2

P.S. It is interesting to see that our Treasury Department is working with Lazard LLC 121 Boulwvard Hanssmann 75382 Paris, Cedex 08, France Also you might want ot look at the connection to David-Weill's "Byzantine" empire, with Swiss investment firm Warburg USB and French multibillianaire investor Vincent Bollor'e

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