You wonder why there is no money in San Diego and no jobs for native born Americans. The remittances to Mexico from the U.S., that is from Mexicans working in the U.S. and sending their money back to Mexico was $11.2E9 for the period between January and June 2011 a 4.7% increase from 2010, $10.7E9 for the same period. Money from Mexican workers in the United States to Mexico is the second largest source of foreign income after petroleum which is also sold to the U.S., for the Mexican government. Now we know why the most wealth people in the World live in Mexico build in San Diego and spend their money in Mexico. Just who is getting the screw up the behind here !!. Ref: San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/2/11 pp C5 The littoral combat ship Freedom has a 6.5 inch crack in its hull and corrosion on the hull near the area where the water jets come out of the propulsion system. The problem has been traced to the ship yard in Mobile, Ala's ship yard, Austal. Gibbs & Cox designed the ship. This is one of 55 littoral vessels that have been bought by the Navy from Australia and maintained by British BAE. 12 of the ships will be here in San Diego. So also why are all the native born Americans working in ship yards here in San Diego out of work?. Ref: San Diego Union-Tribune, 7/31/11 pp A1 & A6 The San Diego County Pension Fund had a return of 21% in the past year. Of 10 other pension fund looked at the returns were also in the range of 23% or more. So why don't we the people get a return on 401ks and saving accounts in the banks. My guess is that the government is stealing it all for their own benifit. The San Diego County made $166E6 on that 21% return on a pension fund value of some $8.3E9. So why are native born Americans living in the streets and unemployed?. The government got it all!!.


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