Well Happy New Year to all and for a good two days at Brian's 24. We worked our selves to death to make your New Year as good as we could and thanks for the work. On the U.S Navy in San Deigo. It looks like the U.S. Navy in San Diego has turned against the U.S.. Why, I have been talking to people who work on the ship yards here since I moved to San Diego in 1982. The Navy can not use a port of entry in a foreign country unless they use local foreign country labor fro maintenance work on their ships. What has happened since the Vietnam Conflict era is that after World War II we built a navy yard in Japan to build ships and rebuild the Japanese country, as well , we did in the Philippines. So the Japanese and the Philippines people have been following the Navy around the World, doing their ship building work. So what has happened in San Diego is that the Navy has elimminated what use-to-be civil service ship yard unions and are using contract foreign labor to get rid of Americans, or the unions have left the country and are trying to take it over with foreign labor. We Americans are much to expensive for the Navy, but it seems to be ok inthe rest of thr country. We also expect a working enviroment that is not planned genicide to kill the work forces before they can get old enough to get a pension or social security. Now the contractors on the yards seem to outright not use Americans at all and have turned to using illegal labor. If this dose not prove the U.S. Navy in San Diego is anti-American and in colaboration with milti-national investors to control the U.S. I don't know what would. Now it looks as though the Navy is trying to control the local housing and businesses to its anti-American goal. By the way they seem to be controling the social culture with their Nazi-Fascist women too. Why this, well it is all Spanish, Italian and French here now, although I don't understand why it is the French except for the very very rich French-Nazi-Jewish conection from World War II. But on second thought think of the British Royal Family, or shoud I say German-Hesse-British Family. Lets not forget the Socialist-Fascist Germans that are controling the Mexican economy with the Spanish. The too seem to want to control San Diego with religion and numbers with a cc camp type of living in a U.S. city. This seems to be spreading in the U.S. like a plague. Well what a way to start the New Year, can't wat for 11/11/11.

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