Today is the day we celebrate the work of two great men, Lincoln and Washington, who helped shape this country. As we consider their contributions, I look at the leaders we have today, and become very sad. Would either of those two great men have accepted the way things have become? The campaigns dependant on major contributions from special interests, the bills loaded with earmarked payoffs for those contributors, and the corruption at every level of government.

George Washington was a man of strong personal convictions. He stood against the excesses of the English government, the abuses of power so common in colonial times. His legacy was to separate us from those abuses by helping to create a government that would be responsive to the people, indeed, ruled by the people. It was his strength of character that started this great nation on it's path. He understood that this country would be able to evolve as times required, but I wonder how he'd feel today?

Abraham Lincoln lead this country through the most difficult time in it's history, and still managed to bring about the first major step toward equal rights for all Americans by making slavery illegal. Now that so many Americans are enslaved by their government's regulations, how would Mr. Lincoln react?

I think we all know the answers to these questions. They would be outraged! People allowed to discriminated against because of their religeon, sexual preferences, or country of origin. Politicians ensuring their own place in history by naming everything they can after themselves (Washington was embarassed by having a city named after him and Lincoln was not alive to see his namesakes). Imagine how appalled they would be to see the way congressmen and senators are bought and sold by the corporations and special interests that control the elections. Worst of all, they would never support congress trying to approve legislation that is opposed by more than 60% of America.

Today is the day to remember all of that, and to look inward at the way we all live. We all need to remember that it takes courage, determination, and action to be a good American. We need to act as a people to ensure that our freedom continues for generations to come. San Diego seems to be a little short on action, because of the easy going, laid back atmosphere of this wonderful city. We need to turn that around and remember that we can only make things better for our family, our children, our grandchildren, if we are active in what happens today. San Diego - wake up and take control of your city - take action to prevent any more damage to your safety and security while you still can. Tell your City Council member and your Mayor how you feel about the job they are doing, and make them responsible for their actions.


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