Dear President Obama,

We're here because we, the American citizens, have had our government taken and held hostage by the exact people originally elected to serve us.

In both their words and actions, the Republican party has vowed to disregard their duties in order to wage a party war against anything that does not align with their own self-serving purposes.

They do this without regard to the negative consequences that we as a country will suffer simply because they no longer respect the importance and the gravity of their elected positions.

The Republican senate has intentionally taken steps that are detrimental to the United States, and they have done so proudly.

They toy with the health of our nation - individually, economically, and internationally – treating our politics as a game, using hostage tactics to extract the “ransom” results they desire. These results are in no way meant to benefit the American people, instead they are blatantly meant to impede progress as a simple show of force.

And we, the public, sit here ashamed of our system and our supposed leaders.

Since the Republican senate has admitted they would rather harm our country than perform their duties as outlined, it may be necessary for you to properly asses the situation and consider taking disciplinary action.

We, the great masses, are unsure of how to proceed. We are unsure of how to make a difference on a grass roots level, since so many of us lack the millions of dollars that have become a necessary playing chip in order to have our voices heard in congress.

We can see that the Republican party is no longer conducting itself in a way any different than a terrorist organization. They currently present the biggest threat to the prosperity and stability of our great nation.

We need you – we need the measures that were put in place to protect us – to do just that. Protect us from the harm that they Republican party has been willing to subject us to as part of their power struggle parlor games.

Any congress member who has stood against policy with intentional malice should be dealt with on the same level as a terrorist has committed an attack on our country. They need to be pulled out of office and given the ability to receive a fair trial.

We cannot continue to let such despicable, unwelcomed intentions run rampant throughout our government.

This is not the playground – this is a place of business. We've seen how they've performed and we know why they have conducted themselves in this manner.

Please do not continue to let these terrorists control our government. We, the people, want it back.

Thank you for listening.


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