I lived in Gila Bend, Az between 2004 and 2008, in a small rented cottage Across from the U.S. Post Office. Noted for my demonstration garden with sign from Oriental Trading co. that read Welcome Demonstration Garden #1.

I was surrounded by drug dealers and users. The landlady, Mildred Walsh began as a supporter Then developed into a preferable of the drug dealers rather than her first intention to rent to the elderly. At first the rent was $225,00 a month, going up finally $235.00. She bitched about the water usage constantly in spite of the fact that this garden locally was famous! My present garden yet to become famous in North County de San Diego, Ca., Vista section, across the Escondido Ave Sprinter trolley train station, it there was a flea size. What was unique was from May 15 to October 31, it was always 110 & up degrees heat Temperture daily. One year in August, the local tribe recorded 3 days of 128! Here in San Diego, the weather is remindful of Hawaii. Don’t tell the president, We have proof he wasn’t born here either.

When I first moved in, the cottage behind mine had a dealer name of Childs, always in or out of jail, his little daughter name of Megan, a favorite of older men, this was not a local secret. I made quite clear to her father, I WAS NOT INTERESTED IN HER SERVICES.

Hopefully she has moved onto more productive less dangerous activities. They finally moved out and who moved in by Baptist landlady, a Mike Ruff, apprentice of Childs. Oh joy.

Who then sneaked in his two preteen sons so he could have a full facility with 40 or so patron’s cars blocking my garden daily. Known as a sheriff Arpaio snitch when he went to jail, he was out in hours. Right before I left the area, Ruff was arrested at the local Circle K store with $3000.00 of marijuana, but was out soon later.

A local sheriff deputy told me he had a rap sheet on Ruff 12 years long, but soon after he admitted this, he was sent to Iraq. ?

Near across me, moved in a to be Ruffs friend, a retired military lunatic, who once walked raving down the street, carrying a machete, in front of the post office! He would get drunk and stand in front of his abode screaming t anyone who went by Going to the nearby native American supermarket.

THEN one day, he directed his madness at me, which went on for months, I did a restraining order via our local Gestapo judge, who refused my request, stating he couldn’t limit the man’s freedom of speech! For two years, I had by the judge a restraining order on me from the director of the senior center and the county library in same facility, even though I have never had a police record, and even then continued to volunteer being their gardener.

I had other friends in the center and so I went through them for services. I just couldnt go and eat there or read a book. The county librairian had a husband but openly consorted with an ex military when he lived there during the winter. When she first arrived to be, she had arrived from the Netherlands, and from her personal interests, I assumed from Amsterdam.

All of Arizona is hard drinking, and I was no exception. I did everything but bathe in it.

A lot of Gila Bend are ordinary folks, but some are unique, its probably the continual heat.

Should you ever go through there, thousands do, on the way to Yuma, Az. Or Phoenix, Az., however in Yuma you can escape to California!, stop at Cactusnstuff next to the First National bank and meet Ray Thompson, a local entrepeur of bricabrack. Pardon my spelling, I’m too lazy to look them up. SO! San Diegans, you thought you have problems. Damn, I forgot to mention the crime family, the Hosajinas. Probably because of my well known anti drug stance, one night As I lay on the floor reading, beneath a 4 ft by 6 ft thick plate glass window, I heard a scuffle immediately outside my front door, but my inner voice told me To not stand up. CRASH! THE WINDOW SMASHED INTO HUNDREDSOF GLASS SPRINTERS. Standing I would have been mincemeat. Two of the crime family were eventually charged but served no time in jail, merely made to pay for their impetous deed. The city has a local history of such, actor Burt Reynolds once made a movie nearby, but staying in a local motel shot a drug dealer bothering his moll, but later served no time. He left the area, as I did, more modestly on a Greyhound bus. DO READ THE NEXT BLOG BELOW THIS, ITS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT Than my ramblings. Jbpoetgardener.

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