Last year, I gave a similar copy of the below idea to the city offices of Vista, Ca., and sent same to Congressman Issa, neither responded, what happened to courtesy?

For months riding the Sprinter (trolley) in North County San Diego. I thought wouldn’t be nice if one could disembark and go to a nice restaurant! Then I realized that the building I reside in at 953 Civic Center Dr. in Vista, Ca., could be redone for that, with its wrought iron upper balcony, it has a New Orleans feel. Having traveled the South years ago, I noted many restaurants are located in former residential houses, why not here?

A bridge walkway could be constructed at the back upper porch to the second such building which is level with that upper level down here where we live. It would cross over my garden or a new one with the two present patios.

The three other neighboring buildings could still be sober living clients who could work in the restaurant, actually presently, two clients have that expertise, one is an

experienced chef and another a long time waiter in a coast exclusive 5 star restaurant!

Oops the latter left, but clients of such would be attracted here no doubt whatsoever. In the very front of our front building directly across the Sprinter station to the left is a magnificent pine tree, steps flowing to the left of it could be how folks would gain entry To dine or exit through via another garden. All of this on a upwards slope for a mini San Francisco effect.

We clients look down across the street to a locally famous Italian restaurant, a tanning salon next to a Mexican grocery. The next street up past us on the right is Philips st. to Lode de Loma st., where near is a wonderful nature vacant lot that could be semi high rise or not motel type cottages, Deigned to enhance the lots natural beauty and for exclusive uses.

All of this in a mini area mindful of European hillsides.

The Mexican Love Song Of Spirit…

I lay down to sleep Then Suddenly I felt something stirring at my feet! Up! Went the blanket AND me standing, I gather it up And went to the door Throwing it out in the dark, Into the cold. Ithought I have been In the cold and dark, We want love, Then we toss it out Into the cold and dark,


(This was performed in Bisbee, Arizona by the Cochise Art Gallery Association. In Bisbee, Az. The local actors used their imaginations of a sparse nature to do their thing. . They playing a joke told me they were going to change my lines, which I assumed truth, proceeding me to get very very intoxicated and next morning upon awaking, discovered it a success. The play’s name is “A Comedy, I Think.” The above poem involved two persons each with a marachi, one speaking English and the other Spanish, all in rhythm. I specified a community potluck be enjoyed before the play, which added a festive quality! I wonder if they still have a copy?


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