3/4/11 NEEDLES, CA., Compared to the blog below about El Centro, Ca., is a bastion of corruption. Its newspaper “The Desert Star,” printed an attack on me by their miscreant city Council, that prompted a letter from one of their local radicals that said, he had “never heard of such bilge coming down the pike,”! This is a newspaper owned by the Mohave Valley newspaper chain. This city with tremendous possibility was famous for General Patton’s nearby massive of training troops for WWII. There are tunnels under the town where the Orientals had to transport contraband to various businesses for illicit but interesting endeavors. It boasts one of the famous Harvey House depots at its famous railroad junction AND its On the famed hwy 66! (and it has an excellent hospital.

The locals are generally unfriendly and suspicious.

Consider that I rented a room at the historic cabins of the Palms motel, next to where the local historic train engines would sit idling near, belching toxic black smoke, which inadvertently disguised the meth lab operation, by the motel owner, an elder of the local Seventh Day Adventist church!!

There I had installed a lovely little garden, which eventually was up rooted by the elder And his handyman in typical meth delusions, digging it up to locate a nonexistent Sewer pipe leak.

The landlord had one of those supposedly “nonviolent drug offenders”, his nephew from prison, who returned to burgalize the area. Wanting me to leave, he arranged with their paid off San Bernadino, Ca., county sheriffs and crooked judge to evict me at local court, An outrage, because my witness was the outstanding senior educator of the area, the judge refused to let us state my rebuttal.

I had just lived through as the rest of the nation did the horrific N.Y. 911 event. Which prompted me to contact the FBI on my first owned computer, asking them to not bother my freedom, giving them information, that at Ranchos Penasquitos, homeless, I had met one of the terrorists, Kahid Al Midhar*, who had flown the second airplane into the second tower, his name at first revealed by their press release information. I AM NOT ANTI MUSLIM, they also worship God, though I do disagree with some of their opinions, however that’s one of all our basic freedoms. Personally, I think the preacher that burned the Koran should be deported to the Mideast.

*who lived near my camp as well as his, in the evening at a near vacant lot, a new Mercedes Benz would drive up and load up bags left for them by the nearby side road. I left that immediate area, because he (who knew then?) destroyed my camp shrub with a box cutter.

I always have had a weird knack at meeting criminals, their lives intersecting with mine. God help me, so far I have successively avoided Republicans.


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