AS stated in blog below, their cop shop is infamous for being corrupt. My renting a room at this slum hotel across the street from the Greyhound sttation was an example. Whores gathered at its front door. The little room, I paid $350. a month for was a cubicle, bathroom down the hall, had so many cockroaches, it was they who filled up all the rooms!

As time went on, I was informed this was where the Imperial county placed its parolees, and upstairs there was a successful meth lab, operated by them. One day, it exploded! . The owners who lived within as well, were from India, certainly no example for that nation.
There were cracks in the floor next to the outer wall so big you could see the ground!

Apparently, the owners had the sheriff dept. put an eviction notice on my door, they then removed it hoping to keep my just paid rent, when the three sheriff deputies came to remove me,. When I protested, but had to leave, it was to their credit, they made sure the owners paid back to me my money.

Before that I had gone to the El Centro Police dept. to report the meth lab, knowing full well could happen, which it did, they LAUGHED AT ME, thats how corrupt they are.. Most of the tenants were elderly at the hotel, as was I. I left the area in a terrible depression, but survived. The local newspaper wasnt much better. DEMOCRACY IS AN ALIEN CONCEPT TO THEM AS WELL AS TO OTHER TOWNS< I HAVE LIVED IN.


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