One year, in my cottage in Gila Bend, I stepped out of the front door and looked catty corner to the Senior Thrift store at Euclid and Papago St.s, and from their open front door on the steps emitted a glorious golden reflection shining my way. I walked over to discover a painting leaning against the front wall (18’by24”, on a heavy blond wood canvas, gold leaf the emitter of light). I asked the ladies how much its cost was and thy replied, 50 cents, saying it was in the way. So I bought it and for a year, at the base of my bed on the floor, I married it.

Two years later finally, I found out via an old broker at Gila Bend Reallty, Who took it to Phoenix, meeting with some friends of his, that the unreadable artist Name is “Yamasota Shoun.” And that he was born in late 1800’s and died at 95 in 1995. Learned too painting was during the Mejii period of the Japanese Emperor court.

It’s a glorious scene of a majestic pine tree with what might be a wisteria vine with flowers up into its boughs as it stands n a mesa overlooking a valley of forests, past of which is a dark cold mountain range and above storm clouds, all with the inner light of the gold leaf background! I always felt unseen was a village in the rear grove of trees, and later on close inspection found that true! Local art teacher said it was early Oriental impressionism, probably because in the orange rock of front mesa is a large upside down heart.

It needs to be professionally cleaned and some slight damage from an interloper who came uninvited and scraped it a little bit. *

My proposal then in writing was that it be when prepared, sold at possibly at the Southeby's art aunction in New York, and that of those monies, 49 percent would go towards funding a Gila Bend community college which would service that part of the state, and be many miles closer than any now present alternative. 51 percent would go to me to establish a non profit community involvement organization.

When I left Gila Bend, past president Anna Costanzo agreed to keep it secure, until such a time this could be formulated. And she has, her word a contract. I have asked her daughter to photograph it and email me a copy. AND when I left area, I asked Rick Rucker of Gila Bend Realty to keep my lap top for me, mainly because it has color photos of the painting on it taken by Chris Hubbard, but apparently they don’t know where it is.

So God forbid, its up to Ms. Pinot, a Yankee from Maine republican! She is famous for her American flag fetish. And her spry senior age a bit under a hundred. And probably known for her Obama jokes as well. *1-928-683-6475

Jerry E. Barta


1-760-842-8846 There wss a rumor that my nemisis, Diane Dempsey, director of the local city owned senior center, had said "They woulld go to court to get back the painting" be sure and read the below this blog, blogs. I wouldnt want them to chance a federal lawsuit considering how I was treated by them while I lived there. There are many lawyers here in San Diego, that might well jump at the chance to defend what was a serious breach of our U.S. constitution!, if not as well elder abuse.

Consider that within the cottage area I lived, was a Mexican citizen, name of Felipe, who for then ten years was allowed all rights at the senior center, including food,, meals, state medical and all such services, plus he was an active member of a group that brought in and found work for illegals. This wlli be emailed the Attorney General of Arizona just in case, there is a problem. I have been a FBI citizen informer snce 1981 *Quite possibly Constable Bill Spurlock, who set up my laptop originally, and who is an addictive gambler, told by a local CEO that "he was probably using my computer for gambling", since his 8 home computers were probably monitored by the sheriff dept..

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