Wal-mart’s shoddy food scam. Their powdered milk is poor quality, if it was a liquid it would be watered down! Same with their Dannon’s plain yogurt.

On 3/15/11, I bought two 97 cents can opener, after two cans opened, They broke apart. ALWAYS SAVE YOUR RECEIPT FROM WALMART!

The leg quarters. … ten pound bag 007701300320 is a criminal action against good health, $4.41 was receipt said 5.98, YOU SAVED 1.57, Each one cooked has caused me shooting pains in my legs and stomach disruption. Thawed they appeared to be some old dead thing that was refrozen several times! This info will be sent the Food nd Drug administration and FBI. (some years ago, there was a world effort destroying fowl because of a disease transmutable to humans, I had the sneaking impression that China would freeze

instead of destroy, to sell later. God help us if that’s the case herein.

Wal-mart’s super store presentation of produce is embarrassing, at this same store On University st. in Vista, Ca., ( or actually any other,) dont have a humidifying system, so the raw veges wilt and dry out, like some roadside stand instead of a billions of dollars stores operation, plus fresh kale from this store had rotten dirty stem ends.

However the worst was when I received a year and half ago pictures developed by their photo unit, one was missing and one cut off from the negatives. I contacted their manager Julie Averez, and asked her to contact me in writing from this Quarry Creek location in Oceanside, Ca. She never did.

WHAT WAS MISSING? In autumn of 2010 at the old computer lab on Nevada st. I sat down to use a computer on a roller chair, and it slipped forward and the back of my head hit the counter of their front vestibule. I SCREAMED, why the big letters?. Because in a adjoining room, partitioned off, was a special class for Oceanside police. NOT ONE APPEARED!! Why you ask, I had reported to their higher ups earlier that a drug & prostitution operation was operating within this lab, along with drivers from the Yellow cab co.

I survived, we Czechs have hard heads. The computer lab was closed down and reinstated at their main library, their former employees at other fired except one name of Jake a female, that should have been, their director, ms. Polich complicit by not doing so, Jake would from the front desk invade your computer work and remove it! I have another witness for this fact, it happened to her too.

So in October, as they were dismantling the lab, I appeared nd took a photo of the front counter, with a Wal-Mart disposable camera, AND THAT WAS THE MISSING PHOTO AND CUT OFF NEGATIVE, NO DOUBT REQUESTED BY OCEANSIDE CITY EMPLOYEES! AND WALMART’S INVOLVING THEMSELVES AS WELL, BE A HELLUVA FEDERAL LAWSUIT-locals have told me, their Oceanside mayor is a self serving crook. I talked to him once, and he without a doubt is.

Jerry E. Barta Elder poet-gardener A FBI citizen informer since 1981.

This will be added, that I called 1-800-925-6278 Walmnumber, a "Stacy" answered and when I requested email address put me on hold THAT HAD A ELECTRONIC BLEEPING NOISE STILL RINGING IN MY EARS!!

By the way, that internet contest of theirs is a complete sham and insults their customers, i have many witnesses.


Mindy Ross March 27, 2011 @ 12:05 p.m.

I have complained about the service at Walmart on Nordahl Road several time. The employees act as if they are doing me a favor by waiting on me. I don't believe I got a response.

The absolute worse service you will ever get is at Costco behind the Walmart. I complained that a dog bed had a sign with one price and I was charged another at the register. Someone at the main office contacted me and said the warehouse manager would call me to tell me how to get the bed at the price on the sign, but she never did.

I shop at the Costco in Carmel Mountain Ranch. Anne Cruz is the manager and the best one I've ever seen. Excellent service! And Josh in cameras is helpful as well.

I stay away from Target online. I bought wedding presents for my daughter online, and had them shipped to my house because they hadn't moved into their new place yet. But Target didn't now that. I paid for gift wrap, and when I got the packages, they were not only not gift wrapped, but dirty and torn.

I tried to contact the president of the company but was denied access. The customer service department sent me a gift card, they said, for $10, but I never got it, and don't care. I would never shop at their online store again anyway.


SurfPuppy619 March 27, 2011 @ 4:20 p.m.

The customer service department sent me a gift card, they said, for $10, but I never got it, and don't care.

TYhe cable companies are by far the worst. Monopolies with no concern for customer service or price.

I was supposed to have been sent some On Demand movie coupons, and they never arrived either.


SurfPuppy619 March 27, 2011 @ 4:22 p.m.

BTW-the food centers in the Wal-Mart super stores are not that much better than the Ralph's, Safeway's, Von's or Stater Bros. I find Costco to be the place I liek to shop, even if it does mean buying larger volume.


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