Riverside County California City of Temecula: A team of Wal-Mart Loss Prevention Agents up to 5 or more stormed into a resident’s home and conducted a search warrant, Parents allege that item(s) were stolen from their home during the search. A complaint was filed and more were in the process of being filed until the Family and child began to receive many numerous threats which were racial towards the child, sexual,homosexual and with the intent to do bodily harm! The threats where so bad the parents say, it was one of many reasons in which they had to move. The Father Asked an Officer Hamilton to apologise To His child! This was a response Made back to the child: Note how the child is reffered! this Posting was made Public on Craigslist:

Dear Afro American Boy…. (Temecula)

I just wanted to say I’m sorry. Sorry for hand cuffing you and throwing you in the back of the squad car with the other WalMart shoplifter. He was probably a family member. I also would like to apologise for searching your filthy and cluttered home. Me and the other officers could hardly find all the stuff you and your family have stolen from WalMart without tripping and breaking an ankle. We did not eat any of your food though. I mean who could eat in a place that disgusting? Well, I have to go now. I just got a call that Wal*Mart Loss Prevention has another one of your family members in custody. Thanks for all your cooperation and be safe.

Respectfully Yours Officer Hamilton

P.S. Please have your father return the “spy” equipment. That was stolen as well.

And Plenty more followed, Some were even Homosexual…. This Officer Lied on the child and made it PUBLIC! Defaming the child's character! the child has never stolen from walmart or any other stores, and may have been targeted because of race and or...Please help us hold this Officer responsible for what was posted on craigslist. and lets find out why the child was arrested and later released without explanation and or charges. Parents strongly allege the wrong child was detained through racial profiling, and or false information provided by WalMart according to the statement.

See Lawsuit here: http://public-access.riverside.courts.ca.gov/OpenAccess/Civil/CivilCaseReport.asp?CourtCode=A&RivInd=RIV&CaseType=RIC&CaseNumber=1216624

See Photo's and proof here: http://temekunews.com/breaking-local-judge-to-face-court/


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