In a Federal Court Building in downtown Riverside 1/10/13: Victims Lined up to not only show support but to also get a chance to express their stories and experiences when coming into contact with the same three Officers whom continue to be sued by Victims whom alledge Abuse, misconduct and many other Issuses.

Officer Michael Hamilton, Sgt Vance Stolte, Officer Joshua Rhodes

In a Lawsuit which can be seen here :

This by NO! means should be Ignored, nor will I let It go Away! . Is what One victim stated! In a total seperate and unrelated Case which can be seen here:

In both cases Indicate the use of civilians.. Far beyond the scope of law! According to one Victim whom has proven that these same Team of Officers Did In fact Order Civilians to conduct a Search Warrant, In which according to an Inside source One of the Civilians whom entered the residents home and conducted a Search has a Prior Arrest history.

Hard to Imagine but Very True, A Team Of WalMart Loss Prevention Agents did infact search a Home! The Accused Officers Will face court according to One victim whom claims their Privacy was Violated when the Officers ordered WalMart Loss Prevention Agents to Conduct a Search warrant.

Things were stolen and More! during the search another Victims said! A complaint has been filed for the Stolen merchandise, and other related Damages. Not to mention the Fact that One of the Accsused Officers Conspired along with WalMart prior to the search Warrant being executed and may have failed to Inform Proper superiors.

It should also be noted:

A Large amount of Marijuana was found and located at one residents home according to an Officer Hamilton, However no charges were brought! The Marijuana never made it to the station nor was it booked into evidence, It simply Vanished! An OfficerHamilton testified under oath about the Marijuana and desribed it well! however the whereabouts of the Marijuana is still unknow since the Da’s Office did not question the Officer as to the whereabouts of the substance.

Stay Tuned as we Update:

Any additional Information anyone may have is Encouraged by the Victims to contact the FBI

See related story here:


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