Let's face it I'm a Target girl. I LOVE Target - love the way the stores are set up, love the prices, love the shopping experience - carts are clean, parking lot is litter free, etc. I can spend hours just browsing in Target. Coming from someone who doesn't like to shop this says a lot.

I disagree with Walmart's business philsophies and how they treat their employees. I hate the way their stores are set up, very KMartesque, they just bother me. But sometimes when Target doesn't have what I need I have to go to Walmart and I hate it.

Which brings me to this post and yet another reason why I hate Walmart; this time a more concrete and financial impact reason and perhaps to someone on the outside, a more valid reason.

We're trying to live more green which means, less waste, using more organic products, etc. The timing couldn't be better. Needing shampoo and toothpaste, we headed to Target. Among the regular shampoos we discover Organix, shampoo and conditioners that contain organic ingredients and are sulfate and paraben free. And they smell delicious!! Especially the Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner. One sniff of this shampoo or conditioner and you're on a tropical island drinking Pina Coladas.

Target is out of the Coconut Milk Shampoo but they have plenty of Conditioner. It doesn't make sense to buy the conditioner without the shampoo so we head to Walmart, which is right across the street or I would have driven to the next closest Target.

Walmart has the Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner in stock and it's $1 less, $5.97 vs $6.97 at Target. But the $1 that I'm saving by having gone to Walmart will end up costing me $250.00.

We parked far from the front entrance, along the side of the store. There were 2 empty spaces to the left of my car and 3 empty spaces to the right of my car. In the 10 minutes that we were in the store, my car became surrounded by other vehicles and the car to my right managed to put a nice dent my right rear passenger door. But wait, there's more.

As we approach the freeway onramp, a rock kicks up from a car in front of us and low and behold, manages to strike my windshield about 1/2 down from the roof on the passenger side, creating a curved crack 8 inches long.

So had I just driven to the other Target, spent $1 more and extra gas money, I would have saved myself the $250.00 that my insurance charges for my deductible to fix/replace my windshield. I hate Walmart.

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buddharocks01 Sept. 2, 2009 @ 2:09 p.m.

i really hate wal-mart too...everyone in the store seems to stop in front of your pathway and stand there clueless...long lines, the traffic in the parking lot is just ridiculous!


PistolPete Sept. 2, 2009 @ 3:05 p.m.

As much as I hate Wally World as well,s happens. You can't blame Wal-Mart for that.It cost you $250.00+ because you're so eco-friendly. Next time,say"F the environment"like I do,and save your money. That $250.00+ goes a long way in Ikea. ;-P I just LOVE Yippies.


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