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Please read the below material herein and a possible lawsuit possibility That I would imagine be settled out of court. (within the past. I mailed you, what could have been an issue, but because of humanitarian considerations I didn’t pursue it But the below is I think more lucrative for all concerned. My phone number is presently 1-760-842-8846 and contains voice mail. Please pardon my spelling.

I. Wendy’s Chili Train:

This idea has fermented in my conciousness for over a year, And would be a stimulus project of its own.

I am an admirer of their fast food outlets particularly their 'chili", which is not particularly Mexican, But close enough. Nutritionally, it contains splendid ingredients, And apparently more than one variety of beans. An improvement would be to supply besides the saltine style crackers would be to have small introductory bags or portions of Frito-Lay corn chips to add to the cups of chili.
Corn has been documented to have the most of lutein and Zeaxinten which actually improves physically eyesight. Plus it’s a similar traditional form of Mexican food.

What then would be involved, would within promote a national advertising plan with huge possibilities. I imagine 3 specially constructed RV’s all in traveling line to sports event stadiums destination by special arrangement for same by all parties, notably parking areas. These RV’s would be specially constructed to contain large amounts of chili for sale to the attending public for events. The Wendy’s corporation would or could have pre-prepared their other products of their choosing as well. My personal opinion is that the chili could be the “in” product in this particular concept. Consider that our national population has been projected to expand with more Hispanics. For cold season sports such as football etc, it’s a natural. Perhaps special carrying devices or bag for customers to take product into stands. And a special cup to keep the product warm, and to be safer from possible spillage. Perhaps a testing of this concept could be accomplished by time of winter sports.

The RV train should I assume be at least 3 vehicles, I merely suggest rather than specify, Bold painting on the RV’s will announce the train on its passage to destination. Kids would love it. And the sales of toys no doubt remarkable.

To attorney: This idea needs your representing, I am a poet, which limits me in matters such as this, I know nothing of copyrights or any other necessity inherent within.

But be assured copy cats would jump on the wagon, and that should be yet another consideration.

II. This will be to my blog site, OHWELLWHATEVER at By JBPOETGARDENER plus go to blog titled GOD HELP US VICTIMS For as yet finished detailing of what be two together but separate Lawsuits, of which, I would assume both to be settled out of court. All would need to be on contingency.

Jerry E. Barta, age 73, SSI bipolar 951 Civic Center Dr. Vista, Ca. 92083 If we cant make phone contact, I will call you to make appointment with you.

My other years old blog site is with perhaps later other lawsuit issues. I hope to finally publish this next year, At least one book, if not more.

If any of this be fruitful, I would like to set up a a non profit foundation to fund homeless shelters, but at the same time inspecting them to be sure of their worthiness. I would need your help in that as well. I will also mail you a copy of this immediately.


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