As an envisioning poet, I can conjure certain ideas for possible production, but lack the expertise or contacts to have them become reality.

This would be a new rendition of the American musical work, "Paint Your Wagon," films of such I feel never reached the real or true possibility, actor Clint Eastwood should never be allowed to sing in public.

My idea would be a multi media presentation with some screens for some songs within appropiate film backgrounds. Others could be within that context, actually on stage duets for each song possible, one in English the other in Spanish. Imagine then the song, 'I talk To The Trees." Or the Old mans song, "I Was Born Under A Waundering Star." I wonder if composer John Williams (Harry potter etc) would take on this project, no doubt too complicated for any university, however decades ago, I attended a performance by students at U.O.A in Tucson, Arizona of opera vignettes that made me weep.

The last scene would be jubilent! With a hundred or more chorus singers behind or around those waiting for the incoming stag,a rousing welcome..

As citizen at the far witnessing of the pain of citizens of Mexico within their present national internal conflict aswell as any other citizens elsewhere, anywhere, where national purpose seems in jeopardy, this could possibly be salve.

I do not sing, nor could if I tried, sad isnt it, Mr. Eastwood assumed he could.

Jerry E. Barta My last name is Czech.,however my temper is definitedly Latin. (This was first conceived in Oceanside, and has been bubbling around in my conciousness for some time. I hesitate revealing it in such a backwater town as San Diego, where within is a tv table, a game of checkers and a side of dominos, I have heard that reality in LaJolla, the game pieces are made of gold. I originally mailed Congressman Issa the idea, no response was received, probably couldnt break away from the listed activites.

I always choose to reside in outside areas, avoiding metropolitan centers, I hear there are sailors there, yeah sure, like those imaginary marines in Oceanside, hey, I wasnt born yesterday, however its the first time I ever saw cub scouts in olive green.

I guess I'll submit this to the Los Angelos Tmes, I would imagine a few gang bangers could be found to carry a tune. On the way there near Oxnard I am told is a military seals outfit where they can be seen carrying aound their wading pools. Would I lie to you?, of course not. JB I have insisted for over a decade that cowboys are a myth, I once tried to enter their cowboy poet festival in Elko, Nevada, I received no reply, obviously they dont exist.

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