I am always attempting to eat cheaply, but as nutritious as possible And as an old geezer, I have certain requirements that don’t affect those younger, such as regularity. Finally solved that by eating once or twice a day, eating a cup or so, rolled oats out of the container they are sold in, which I pre mix, with raisins, cocoa semi sweet chips, wheat germ, and bran. Too, I purchase hulled sunflower seeds which in my “wave” blender grind up fine and add a small quanity to the same. This is super proteins plus the seeds add lecithin which are documented to dissolve plaque build up in arteries. Any fluid will soften and make pleasureable this regimen, I like powdered milk. As we get older, we tend to pass more water, especially at night, this for some reason unknown to me, reduces that bother of having to get up to go to the bathroom frequently.

Tonight, for supper I ate two rolled tortillas separately, of course, onto each I spread a tablespoon of tomato paste, a few well diced greens such as fresh spinach or romaine lettuce, then two slices each of Valutime swiss flavored slices imitation cheese. Roll tortillas, eat, separately of course. Very cheap, very filling, and surprisingly quite nutritious.

A different spread for tortillas or combined with the paste, is to buy a quart of plain yogurt, use a bowl to lay across or in a sieve, placing two paper towels inside of well of sieve, adding all of yogurt minus its container. Cover, let sit several hours or until it releases whey into bowl. Put what is called yogurt cheese in lidded container in refrigerator to store until needed. The whey liquid can be drank or I use it to make a soup Adding other ingredients.

I thought dormitory college students might use these, if of course, they existed. Too, blueberry preserves on a tortilla with the yogurt could be a light dessert, documented to stimulate electrical receptors in brain. If, of course if they existed. I have the same theory about cowboys and whales, Good ideas but obviously myth.

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