Several years ago, at doctor, I found out that I had a retina problem, a small black cloud moving across my right eye vision. Researching, I found vegetable kale improved problem. But then I found more info, that corn has the ultimate in lutein-zeaxanthin, this duo improved condition even more by eating corn daily, easiest, yellow corn tortillas, lots of tacos.

But recently while making toast in a standard toaster, I put tortilla on one inside of bread, which warmed and softened it. Removing toast and tortilla, I sprayed olive oil on both sides of tortilla put inside the two toasted bread slices, and added anything I wanted to for sandwich.

Easy and cheap, Orowheat bread from one of their company thrift stores, yellow corn best, from any near store. Eaten this way without adding anything else combines the proteins into complete, you could live on this stuff just the way this is, without the slice of baloney or whatever your favorite other.

When you're old and poor, you have to eat frugally with maximum nutrition.

Another way to eat corn tortillas, beat with a wisk a couple of fresh eggs, and fry them, a form of French toast. The French I am told, refused to consume corn relegating to their pigs, and they prefered using them to dig up smelly funguses for their decadent nearsightness.

Below is my South American Rio De Janerio Ice Cream dessert: Saute in a bit of butter a corn tortilla, with a halfslice of banana as well. Add bit of lemon juice, then scoop up putting all on small plate. Have waiting, the richest French Vanilla you can locate, however vanilla originated in the tropics, the French merely as usual usurping, put a scoop of that on buttered concoction, then on side have melted bitter chocolate, to ladle on top of all of that, which means when you bite through the chocolate topping you get a Titantanicrush of sensations as you encounter all of the sweet other. Years ago, at the Copper Queen pub,in Bisbee, Arizona, I served this to the bartenderess, Danielle, who said she hated ice cream until then! The French will simply have to do without yet another sex toy. God forgive me, what a thought. JB

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