Because I live on a spartan income, I have to be cheap. I go to Boneys in Oceanside, Ca., Henrys will do also, and purchase several cups of wheat bran, a quanity, at least a pound, of whole rolled oats, and as well, hulled raw sunflower seeds. At their section near, you can buy from bottles, ounces of herbs. I get an ounce of sea kelp, which contains all and more the minerals the human body requires.

At the 99 cents store, I get bottle of cinnamon and two pkg.s of raisins.

At Walmart, I get a plastic bagged product of wheat germ cheaper than the bottle type and a pkg. of cocoa chips. And then in the produce section a pkg of blueberries.

At home, using a blender I carefully grind the seeds (Staters Bros. also has these in 12 oz. bags for $1.99 roasted with sea salt.), and pour into a large container, then add the raisins, 1/2 bag cocoa chips, a cup of bran as well as same of wheat germ, mixing all in a quanity of the oats, at least a pound.

A teaspoon of kelp and a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon powder, all mixed into serving bowl, adding your version of milk, mixing, ready to consume! You'll have to experiment with the quanity you prefer.

highly nutritious, good for a meal or snack. Oh yes the blueberries, freeze them, then add a quanity to the cereal before eating, It has been documented that these excite the electrical receptors in the brain, probably wont, Republicans. I only write for males, the subspecies woman are on their own, we males need to stop eating their fluff food, they'd probably add marshmellows

I have decided to add a couple of items. You can prepare a simple sour cream like spread easilly, by taking a sieve, putting in ti a couple of white paper towels, placing that apparatus over a depository pot, in that a quart of plain yogurt, letting it drain, takes a couple of hours or so, then put it back into yogurt container to use as spread on toast or cracker.

Corn tortillas have to be heated to be truly edible, tonightt I put slice of bread in toaster and next to it on inside a corn tortilla, which toasted bread and made the tortilla warm and soft, and a perfect compliment along with any filling such as a slice of cheese to consume. Eat corn daily because it contains lutein and an element that will actually physically improve your eyes. How many mexicans wear glasses?, damn few unless they're eating our processed foodstuffs. Dont reveal this to females, they have enough advantages as it is. The last thing we males need is improving their vision!

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