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Sunday night, August 19th, over $1 million in cash was seized in Tijuana after two suspects were pulled over by police. The UT San Diego reported that the majority of the cash was in the vehicle; however the suspects led officers to a house where even more cash was stashed.

One of the suspects, Elías “El Pantera” López López, is believed to be a heavy financial operator for the Sinaloa Cartel. He is suspected to have moved over $24 million USD for the organization.

The El-Mexicano News reported today that López also owned a sea-food restaurant in Tijuana. The restaurant, Centro Botanero El Cora, is located in the colonia Mariano Matamoros. While the business is a real restaurant that has its own website, it was also used to launder money.

López was allegedly in charge of moving cash from Los Angeles drug sale proceeds to the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Three other suspects were apprehended in the operation.


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