i had some interesting thoughts yesterday visiting with people in the 2D world...and the 3D world.....

it was about privacy and sharing...non sequitors eh

this could become a problem of logic called "on the horns of a dilema".....if A then not B...if B then not A....... what to do ...what to do ????????

the need for privacy has become even more important in a world that bombards us thru every kind of media with messages....and in many ways "the message has become the massage"....spin doctoring and sound bites that are created to shock our brains into falling out of our own personal space into that of the massagers domain...

they sometimes leave us with the monsterous feeling that we are not safe....not capable to review and appraise the sincerity of other...especially in the 2D world....


an ontological proof is certainly not available over a monitors screen is it ????????

but perhaps it is... and a great facilitator of that is sharing

not sharing your social security number or material about oneself that is dangerous....but sharing oneself.....ones personal essence is a different story

i've never completely understood the reasons not to share...what can be gained from them....if the sharing could cause someone to have a reluctance to continue sharing so what....no time wasted with someone who wouldn't like you if they did meet you in person...

..if you're an apple...and they like oranges...they will speed quickly to the orange crates and leave a space for apple lovers around you

i have this attitude of ...NO RISK NO REWARD....it's has had me flying in the face of uncertainty for many years now....sometimes striking out...... sometimes rounding the bases for that all important home run

every morning while i meditate my first mantra is SUSPEND DISBELIEF.... all that means is take the key and unlock the doors....it doesn't mean that the screaming hordes are allowed to assail you....it just means you give them the chance to assail you....some primitive natives not well understood can be very nice...LOL.....if you give them a chance....even if they're 600LBS gorillas.....

look at Dennis Miller....he's made a career of it....LOL.....

this became abundantly clear yesterday when i got a phone call from someone i didn't know to tell me someone i did know had died

as she and i spoke together she marveled at the extent of my knowledgability about our mutual friend .........we had only been internet friends...we had spoken on the phone...how had her somewhat private friend been so candid with me about his life

who understands just exactly what happens to people who click on the internet...how does it happen....why does it happen so quickly....in the 3D world ones guard would rarely be let down so quickly

i use to reckon it to telling a stranger at the bustop something you'd never tell a personal friend...like putting a little note in a boat and putting it in the river to be carried by the current out to the huge oceans that surrounds us...adrift and insignificant to the eyes of others

once many years ago a friend told me the most significant gift anyone could give another was to let them know you completely

perhaps the internet helps that process along



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