Email from my main squeeze from before the apocalypse. He dumped me in a text the day my grand tour of Arizona jails started. Breaking up with me was his favorite thing to do, it was a weekly routine.
“Hey, hope you're good too. I had time to think about you and the coworker situation. Pretty sure I figured it out. All in all, I'm good. The career is really taking off. I'm president of that work project now that I told you about so I have little time to get in trouble these days ;)

451 - That book was interesting. You reminded me of Clarrise a bit, which was funny.

Anyhow I deleted your number long ago, which was why I was using facebook to get a hold of you. I did want to hang out with you again but I leave it up to you. You know my number.

Bye for now, -M.” My response: “Wow Mr. M., so official! I'm very proud of you! Well I would like to hang out with you sometimes but I'm pretty sure you will quickly change your mind after you read this. After I hang out with you last time, I don't know if you remember I was going on vacation, kayaking. Well, out there, in the evil state of Arizona I had a very unpleasant encounter with the law and I got my ass thrown in jail for a month, the jerk faces even tried to ship me back to ****. No worries, I didn't kill anybody, I just told the wrong person that I'm not American. That what can happen to us, immigrants. So I'm back in San Diego but I'm not allowed to work and I'm trying to make some fake papers, do you know anybody that does that? As I can't use my real Social Security for a while. And I'm also trying to convince J. to marry me, not quite working the way I want to. So I'm looking for a husband, wanna marry me? We can divorce in 2 years if we don't end up killing each other by then!:) So, as you can see I don't really have time to waste on drama. Also I'm trying to get back in school. Life can be pretty crazy huh:) All this being said it's up to you if you still want to hang out sometimes but I'm pretty sure that you don't! My phone nr. XXX-XXX-XXXX, txts or calls past 10pm will be brutally ignored.
You should read the "Illustrated Man" by the same author, it's pretty good too or any of the Coelho's books. Well, if I don't hear from you again I hope you have a great life because I'm planning on having an amazing one, K.:)”

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CuddleFish Oct. 19, 2009 @ 6:14 p.m.

Went to Target today to buy that costume, they don't have it anymore:(. I thought the whole idea of it was hilarious! I will try to find it online, or I will just make myself one...

By littleimmigrant 8:21 p.m., Oct 18, 2009


PistolPete Oct. 19, 2009 @ 10:20 p.m.

The costume never existed according to the original story. It was a joke between co-workers. Supposedly,someone put it up on the website but didn't mean for it to be actually seen by anyone.


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