After two years of being blocked by Todd Gloria from posting on his District 3 Council Facebook page I was suddenly unblocked. I thought Todd had finally decided it was incredibly unprofessional to shut down open dialogue about issues by constituents on his official Council Facebook page, but now I believe it was a fluke. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was thrilled to finally be able to voice concerns about the Plaza De Panama project which threatens Balboa Park's National historic status.

I made some comments which were in no way personal attacks. They simply pointed out some very critical implications of the plan. I even posted a comment on behalf of another D3 citizen who had also been blocked by Todd and asked me to post his concern about the project.

I was thrilled on Saturday to see the posts still there. Although I suspect Todd didn't see them until today. Todd's complete silence on the Plaza De Panama issue was a big concern to me. It is likely the most important decision of his time on Council and yet not a word about it. There were several self-congratulatory posts about how he was able to get some roads freshly paved but not a peep about Balboa Park. I wanted to have an open dialogue with other D3 citizens and Todd.

I logged on today, Sunday and all my comments had been erased and I had been blocked from posting any further comments. I think it is more than immature, it is appalling that Council member Todd Gloria blocks people on his COUNCIL Facebook page and shuts down open dialogue about D3 issues like Balboa park. I just want people to know this is how your elected representative, Todd Gloria treats citizens.

Its not like this is his personal page. This is his Council page that he presents as a place to discuss D3 issues. It should be a forum for dialogue and should welcome dissent which is precisely what our Constitution was founded upon. Facebook could be an amazing tool to facilitate Democracy and open discussions about District 3 issues. Instead if you disagree with Todd he silences you.

The citizens that can be heard are citizens that support his actions. Citizens that do not support his actions cannot be heard. It's as simple as that. Sounds like discrimination to me in a BIG way. What if Todd blocked every citizen of a particular race or sex?

Todd's bleeding heart liberalism and devotion to issues like affordable housing, the homeless and PAID parking lots is because he is in the pockets of developers and parking corporations, not because he cares about constituents or what's best for his district. We are in BIG trouble D3. The bottom line is Todd Gloria does NOT represent US. He represents the people paying him. We MUST stand up to this sort of bullying and discrimination by Todd Gloria and our elected leaders!

Keep up on the OPEN dialogue happening on the Plaza de Panama Facebook page. This is the best place to go for updates on action being taken. SOHO needs our help. They need donations to hire attorneys to fight this historic giveaway!!

Please see other District 3 citizens that are expressing strong opposition to this plan.

Blogger and D3 resident Jimmy Sullivan refers to the project as a Trojan Horse in his blog.

Jimmy points to the fact that Jacobs spent over a $100k lobbying 8 City Council members to vote on this project, and used his influence with the Lt. Governor to threaten the job of the State Historic Preservation Officer (who was recently fired) because he disagreed with the destructive project.



DavidnPB July 9, 2012 @ 12:41 a.m.

Todd took a LARGE contribution from ACE Parking, the exclusive holder of the rights for all paid parking in Balboa Park.

He received this contribution AFTER it was clear Todd was running unopposed. So the money was never spent on political expenses, and remains in the account.

The Jones family, owners of ACE, have contributed to many anti-gay rights efforts, including supporting Prop. 8. They are not "natural" friends of Todd or his left of center politics.

So one could observe ACE would like PAID parking in every space in both the Park and the ZOO.

Now everything suddenly makes sense.

Todd represents the Park. But bribes get his attention, not the voices of San Diego residents.


historymatters July 9, 2012 @ 12:50 a.m.

thank you David!!! You are sooooooo right!! I was trying to tell people from day 1 that Todd did not represent the people. After all he did take money from Manchester CEO. Obviously we know how he will vote tomorrow. I just want people to know the truth about Todd. All his bleeding heart liberalism is because he is paid off to by affordable housing developers. He is a big shill and a big BULLY!!!!


Gregory May July 10, 2012 @ 5:11 p.m.

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atpjunkie July 15, 2012 @ 9:39 a.m.

That lot will need to be sold out everyday for 15 years to just pay off the bond. Todd should already know how well these lots do ( See North Park). This whole deal is essentially a cash handout to people donating to their slush funds. This is nothing more than corporate welfare and crony capitalism. I expect more from a so-called Democrat. Todd should not run unopposed next cycle. I'm a long time D3 resident and former Gloria supporter and am VERY unhappy.


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