Take a look at Todd's facebook page and tell me this isn't a pulpit for him as Council Member of District 3 versus a personal page..


At first I thought "this is great since Todd never reads or responds to emails to his office maybe he will respond to facebook since he is constantly on it". Dont get me wrong, everyone has the right to a personal webpage where they can allow or disallow anyone they want to comment but Todd is presenting this page as his Council page and as an open discussion for his constituency. He is deciding that you yes you can have personal access to your Council member.....but only if you are going to praise him.

He is constantly posting accolades for himself about things like how he got an unused parking lot turned into a parking lot or his latest "Equal Benefits Ordinance" which sounds great in any other city but SD where our city employees are ALL grossly overpaid, but does it mean that we will be reducing the salaries of men to match their female counterparts as we should? No it means we will have to raise the salaries of hundreds of people that fall into this category when the real discussion should be how we can reduce the salaries of the city workers that are being way overcompensated like the fire battalion chiefs making $250,000 a year. But forget about us having a discussion on that. Only people making comments like "Todd, you are absolutely amazing." will be permited to respond.

But that is a side point. Todd is always posting these big accolades which sound great in a one sentence status update but if you actually examine the facts they are disastrous. God only knows how much we paid contractors to build and repave unneccessary parking lots (just look at what he did to Normal Street, really more parking? yeah thats what we needed, not landscaping, a park or a community garden). So if you go to Todds page its just one big Todd party. Nothing but props and thumbs ups and "you are amazing Todd"s everywhere, but no real discussion.

I was happy at first because for a while I could join the discussion. I asked questions like "Todd, Im just curious on the parking lots, how much did we pay for them and which contractors received those contracts?"

I pointed out that on the Lafayette Hotel (and I am very glad it was declared historic) but I just asked why the contractor receiving millions in tax money to redo it was Hampstead LLC which is a subsidiary of sorts of Toni Atkins and Jennifer LeSars Development firm according to their website.

I also questioned him on affordable housing....how there is actually no oversight on who receives this housing and in many cases the developers would sell units to friends at greatly reduced prices and then they would turn around a year later selling them to non affordable housing people making $100,000 profit. Not to mention how affordable housing is just a big scam anyway.

So anyway, after respectfully disagreeing with Todd on a few occasions or even just asking a few questions I went to his page today and saw that I was now unable to join any of the discussions on this page that he is clearly using as a means of communicating with the citizens of D3 about Council matters.

I find this extremely immature and unprofessional. A good politician encourages discussion and encourages questions and disagreements. I never said anything disrespectful to anyone on the page or to Todd and now I have been silenced and I am not the only one. My friend Jimmy was his friend on facebook and expressed concerns about how Todd was supporting people that supported Proposition 8. Jimmy was promptly unfriended and blocked.

So I guess what I am saying is Todd needs to decide if this is a personal page or his Council page and if he is going to block dissent or silence anyone expressing concerns he needs to state that on the page and let people know that this is just a page to congratulate or agree with Todd and if you have any actual concerns send them to his Council email address (where they will never be read or addressed).


SurfPuppy619 June 30, 2010 @ 5:44 p.m.

Todd is a union hack, always has been and always will be.


historymatters June 30, 2010 @ 6:27 p.m.

Yep, he is also a BIG developer hack. Todd represents the worst of both worlds and the sad thing is people dont ask questions. That is ALL I am proposing, that we just ask a few questions so we are getting the whole story.

I love facebook for facilitating discussion! It is an amazing tool for that and what a bummer that Todd has decided to deceptively make it look like that while he is blocking anyone who dissents.


DavidnPB July 7, 2012 @ 8:15 p.m.

PLEASE copy and paste this to Council person Todd Gloria's Facebook page. He "de-friended" me because of my opposition to the Jacobs Plan,so I can no longer Post on Todd's page. So if each of you could paste this there, that would be great. _______ Councilman Gloria sees the history and beauty of the Caliente Racetrack sign worth preserving, but he will vote to favor the Jacobs Plan to destroy the beauty and history of Cabrillo Bridge and Balboa Park.

Gloria says this about the Caliente sign:

“I think that particular suggestion [to overpaint the Caliente sign with a modern commercial message] really robs the community from an experience that they enjoy, and which we’ve heard time and again from thousands of people literally across the country that have called my office to say that they really like the Caliente sign and they’d like it to stay,” the councilman said.

Ons can certainly say the same, but much more strongly, about Balboa Park and Cabrillo Bridge, a National Historic Landmark.

So for Gloria, what is the difference between the commercial sign worth protecting, and the Park that can be abandoned to Dr. Jacobs ill-conceived plan to introduce paid parking to Balboa Park and destroy its treasured historic fabric?

The sign owner did not bribe Mr. Gloria.

But ACE Parking and Dr. Jacobs gave Gloria tens of thousands of dollars in an UNCONTESTED election cycle to support the conversion of Balboa Park the the largest PAID Parking lot in the ACE System. In politics, "Follow the Money."

SHAME on Councilman Gloria.


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