The Clawgate Press Conference held at 1:30pm on the corner of 4th and University attracted a respectable crowd of District 3 residents that were outraged that they were named as special interests when they have had nothing to do with development and have, in fact, tirelessly fought developers.

It was really inspiring to see such a gathering of good citizens that were ready to address this egregious and most likely illegal act by the Gloria hit team.

Tom Mullaney, who led the 301 University fight spoke about how disgusted he was with this sort of tactic and urged people to respond at the voting booth.

As a respected environmental, land use and planning consultant who provided consulting services to the residents of Kensington in their effort to downsize the Kensington Terrace project, David Potter expressed outrage and demanded an apology from Todd Gloria.


Attorney Barry Hager, who is well known for his efforts to scale back the Mission Hills Paseo development, and who was instrumental in the Ft. Stockton Line Historic District, and who helped get the Uptown Interim Height Ordinance passed, was livid that he was implicated as a special interest and he stated that as a lawyer, these actions by the Gloria team crossed the line into slander. I personally can't wait for the lawsuit. Good thing Gloria is literally sleeping with a lawyer. He's going to need him for this one.

Sorry UT, this was more than a "funny tactic" in "Hell Week For Politics". The law allows you to smear your opponent up and down, but it absolutely does NOT allow you to slander individual constituents. Do you guys have any lawyers that work there or are you so low on cash you had to fire them? I'm just a bit suprised you woudn't know that.

I was really impressed with Roxanne Govari, who is currently leading the effort in her community against the expansion of the Academy of Our Lady of Peace. She is a Realtor and you could see a look of indignation and genuine suprise on her face that anyone could do this. She felt very strongly that she had led a very honest and genuine effort to help her community and Todd who should welcome this sort of good citizenry was impuning it.

Dan Soderberg described his massive real estate empire which consists of 2 duplexes he owns and receives a rent check from. Dan has never developed anything ever. But he has made films about the enormous importance of preservation. I'd like you all to see this video the UCLA Film School grad made about the importance of historic preservation and the Mills Act and decide if this looks like a developer special interest. (Side note Senator Jim Mills later turned his back on his own act, perhaps after intense BIA lobbying efforts, stating that it was overused to preserve historic homes. Gloria likes to tout this endorsement, but it means a lot less now than it would have when he fought for the legislation)

Dan also revealed a large blown up list of Todd Gloria's special interests. The big kicker: Sudberry properties, the company that paid for the hit piece is on Gloria's list of special interest money. What a suprise.

One good thing about this list is that Gloria has now shown his cards. This is all he's got. He continued to state his massive developer interest money (and when he claims its only 17% that does not include any of the 1000's of "independent expenditures" by developers like this one). For him to say that this "list" is equal to Whitburn's money from the developers and lobbyists which is virtually negligible is asinine.

A recent e-mail from Maggie McCann finds that the "Voter Education Project organizations assistant treasurer is James Sutton, a Republican attorney from San Francisco who is treasurer of many Republican campaigns. Sutton has the distinction of being fined the highest amount in the state, $240,000, for running afoul of campaign finance laws."

Hmmm, looks like he might be fined again with this one.

The truth is Whitburn has run a clean race and the Gloria hit team is panicking because they dont have any dirt on Whitburn so they had to make all this up. I think it speaks volumes about the kind of council member he will be. He's not even in office yet and has already betrayed his own constituents.


historymatters Nov. 3, 2008 @ 9:58 p.m.

Please district 3 resident. The truth is out. Visit the Building Industry Website and look who the "largest and most powerful developer lobbyist group" is urging you to vote for. They want Todd. It speaks volumes that Todd will be staying at the GOP hotel tomorrow night. I wonder if its one of those independent expenditures. Maybe McMillin bought rooms for all its favorites, Gloria, Thalheimer, Goldsmith and Boling" Something tells me, that is the truth.


Fred Williams Nov. 4, 2008 @ 6:18 a.m.

Gloria: Please don't slap me any more, you know I love you and I'll do anything for you. Why do you treat me this way?

Developer: Shut up Gloria, just be a good bottom and do what you're told. I paid for you, now you work for me. I'm taking you into the council chambers now...

Gloria: Oh, why did I ever leave my principles behind...mother!

Developer: Knock off your whining, it's time to shake your money maker.

Council President: The meeting will come to order....

Gloria: I vote YES to the new condos! Give a subsidy to my top developer.

Gloria: I vote YES to privatizing Balboa Park! Give away the citizens' property to top corporations.

Gloria: I vote YES to bailing out top developers downtown! They need help from the taxpayers.

Gloria: I vote NO to any more audits or corruption investigations! We need to save money.

Council President: This meeting is adjourned, the next meeting will be held when the developers tell us and will be about whatever they want us to do for them. Have a nice day.


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