"on seventh and maple" says Isaiah into the receiver, while I scan over and back for police, "yeah man, God. No, Ash. Yeah, right on Seventh, alright man, later."

"You gonna have children one day?" I ask God, as he rings me up for a granola bar, gives me a quarter back in change.

He gets a quizzical look on his face, and says "What for?"

"The experience."

"Of what?"

"Of having children."


"Yeah" I answer, luckily no other patriots of The Arco on Seventh and Maple have barged in yet.

"I don't understand, perhaps our concepts of life are different. You have children?"

"Nope" I answer, looking at Isaiah who had been listening up to this point.

"And you?" asks God of Isaiah.


"Well, are you?"

"That's why we ask you, I want your opinion." I explain.

"Sure, go ahead, why not, it's no big deal, just same old thing, just the mechanics of life. Either you do or you don't. nobody's gonna force you either way, it's up to you alone."

Isaiah and I look at each other, satisfied, and bid God farewell.

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