I was at Tio Leo's the other day and this little rug rat wouldn't shut up. He was with his dad. Some goofy looking blonde guy who would occasionally say "Shhhh!"

His kid jumped around in the booth. Yelled and screamed, and even ran to a few different tables where one old couple said, "What a cute little boy."

I asked the waitress if she could do something about the kid. I said it loud enough for the guy to look over at me.

I'm not sure why parents can't control their kids. Or hire babysitters. The world shouldn't have to listen to them when trying to enjoy a meal.

Now, when I was in Togo's the next day, a man came in with two kids. They were a handful for him, but at a place like that I don't mind. He's going to be in and out. And then, he surprised me by telling his son to behave or he'd get smacked. The kid shut up.

I then was amazed when they all walked back to their car. The child was walking five feet behind the dad. Now, why you'd let a 3 or 4-year-old walk without holding their hand...when cars pull out, kids run in weird directions...is beyond me.

I just read in the paper a boy falling in a North Carolina park. He wasn't holding his mother's hand and fell 100 feet of a cliff.

Trail maps at the park advise parents from bringing small children. So, I'll be waiting to see charges filed against those idiots.

Of course, the authorities are going to say "Haven't the parents suffered enough?"


How about setting an example for the other idiotic parents out there.


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