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This Memorial Day Weekend, it was kind of appropriate to be swigging a Bud Light here at Danny’s (Danny’s Palm Bar and Grill, 965 Orange Avenue, Coronado, 619-435-3171).


The names and photos of Navy Seals who didn’t make it back from Iraq, Afghanistan and God knows where else fill up the top half of the entire wall behind the bar.

It’s, well, shocking. You sit there in all the noise of the music among a rowdy crowd of guys who look exactly like the guys in the photos on the wall. They could be Navy Seals too. But the Seals on the wall are not going to be walking through the door again.

You sip your beer and you feel like you’re getting a free ride on their backs.

On the spur, I ask Lisa, the gal behind the bar, for a couple of bacon cheese burgers. And an order of fries. Why not treat the lovely Carla to a Slamburger (voted by NBC the best burger in Diego, not so long ago) just to cap off this weekend?

“To go,” I add.

“To go?” says Lisa. That girl is flying, working both ends of the bar at once.

So okay, when she presents the burgers in their bags, and the bill along with them, I get a serious Ulp moment.

It’s $32 and change. I try to figure out what the deal is. About $9 per burger. That’s reasonable. So maybe $4 for fries, and $3.50 for the draft Bud Light. Tax. Still leaves about six buckeroos.

Turns out that’s a “take-out” fee. Man. This is new. Paying for the wrappings? The plastic cutlery?

But I’m not going to make a big deal about it. Not today, not here.


’Course Carla would normally bat me about the ears for that kind of outlay for a couple of burgers. But she says it: “Whatever, the meat’s tasty. The bacon’s thick enough. The meat edges are crispy, the inside’s cooked but not dried out. Luscious. It has flavor. You did well, Bedford.”

She's got it right. Mine is also juicy, succulent, delish. And besides, I can't shake the feeling that in the twisted scheme of things, I, who haven't lifted a finger in the War on Terror, don't have nothin' to be kvetching about no take-out fees.


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Ian Pike May 28, 2013 @ 8:02 a.m.

The lead photo makes it look like you're into restaurant espionage...which I wouldn't put past you in the mission for a good burger, sir.


Ed Bedford May 28, 2013 @ 1:18 p.m.

I was trying to make it look like they grow palm tree-size roses in Coronado...no actually I just didn't want the guys inside the open doors to think I was taking shots of them.


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