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Had to stop at McP’s Irish Pub (1107 Orange Avenue, Coronado, 619-435-5280), just to check out the party going on, see about some Irish eats.


McP's is one of Carla’s favorites. Says she just likes to ogle the hot bods of the Navy SEALs who have kinda made this their hang-out.

But me, I just want to try the green Bud Light and check out one of their corned beef sandwiches, what with St. Paddy’s day and all.

“If you’re getting food,” shouts Carla, “get skins. I’ve had them here before. Fabbo.”

So this is about six at night and the place is ker-packed. Talking with a Navy medic about field medicine when Emmi, one of the floor servers comes by with a tray of drinks aloft.

Haven’t had time to look at the menu. Just blurt out “Corned beef sandwiches, skins, green Bud!” as she goes by.

The medic gives me a “Good luck with that one” look. And now I see on a menu it ain't exactly happy-hour cheap.

The corned beef sandwich comes on rye, basically a wad of the salty red meat plus melted Swiss cheese. Costs $10.95. But you get fries (or a potato salad) and a pickle with that.

The potato skins come with bacon, onions, jack and cheddar cheeses and “spicy sour cream.” Cost $8.95.

And my green Bud Light’s gonna be another $4.

Plus, in this crowd, not sure I'll ever see Emmi again.

But — and okay it takes twenty minutes for it to happen — miracle! She turns up with it all. And hot.


I fight my way outside with it all, and to Carla, who’s found a fire pit on the "Paddy-O." Perfect spot for, like, dusk, when that chill evening breeze is setting in.

And okay, the beer's just slightly limey-looking. "We ran out of green coloring," Emmi told me.

Irony? Carla falls for the corned beef sandwich. Says it’s nice and juicy, and almost too much of it piled in there. Me, I love that skins thing, even though I noticed too late I coulda had a baked potato (“served with the works!”) for half ($4.95) and liberated four more bucks for one more beer.

Whatever, we arrange a prisoner-swap. Man. Love those hot skins.

So yeah, we’re thirty bucks lighter when all’s said and done, but it’s worth it just to soak up the atmosphere. Specially for Carla, hypnotized by the Navy guys, probably SEALs, getting together and talking - you notice - about anything but work.


You have to wonder what experiences they’re not talking about.

Good news is both these items are on the regular menu. Don't need to wait till next St. Paddy's day.

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