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Carla and I jes’ went wicked today.

Her hair day on the Island Republic of Coronado. I was showing her where Prince Harry had sat...


...on his naughty nite of boozing when he was doing his helicopter training in the desert, here at McP’s Irish Pub and Grill, when Carla says ‘Why don’t we eat something under the trees?”


Because the patio is all shaded by ficus trees, at the corner of Orange and C (1107 Orange Avenue, Coronado, 619-435-5280). Some say it has the best of the outside patios in town. And with the sun pounding down, it’s hard to resist.

So we come in to the cool shade and sit down at the table. Not to Harry’s table, which is in the corner where they have a Navy Seal mural of frogs with toothy grins. We get out under the trees where there’s a breeze.

Ashlee the waitress...


...brings the menu, but Carla knows what she wants:

“Potato Skins. Iced tea. What else would you have?”

Okay. Why argue? Menu says they come with bacon, onions, jack and cheddar cheeses and spicy sour cream. They cost $7.95. So Carla gets her iced tea ($2.50), and I have to get a beer. Irish pub, so hey, Irish beer. Smiddy’s, Smithwick’s, made by Guinness, but milder. Costs $6.

And man, those skins are sensational. Go beautifully with da beer.



But here’s where the rot sets in.

“You hungry for anything else?” says Carla.

“If you are,” I say.

“I am,” she says, and opens that menu again.

Oh Lord. She spots the prime rib dip. Thick wad of meat in a sandwich with au jus dip, $14.95.


“We made of money today?” I say, but a minute later I’m ordering the shepherd’s pie, ground beef stew covered in mashed potatoes covered in cheese and basically baked. Uh, $13.95.


The rib and the pie are totally delish, like sin is, while you’re committing it. Total bill comes to, ulp, $48.21.

“How did we end up like this?” I’m saying.

But Carla’s not fazed.

“This is a deal,” she says. “Heck, that’s what my hairdo with Diane costs, and look: skins, meat, pie, we’ve got plenty left over for dinner tonight. So figure it out. Four meals for fifty buckeroos. That’s $12.50 each per meal. We’d spend that at Von’s, I bet you.”

Well, when she puts it that way…we settle back, finish our drinks, and speculate about whether Prince Harry is gonna marry Kate Middleton’s sister.


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