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“Filler up.”

Matt plonks his growler on the counter. Phil grabs it, goes back to the tap, and starts pouring the thick green stuff in. Joe grabs his $27.

“It’s $29 if you don’t have your own jar," he says. "Worth the trouble."

Because yes, this ain’t no pub. This is Green Fix, where you fill up on all those things you don’t get in the cookies and booze and greasy kid stuff you normally insult yer innards with. If you’re me.

We’re at the farmers’ market in PB (but they’re at pretty-much all the markets). Have been for seven years, Joe says. He’s handing out samples. Gives me one.

Hmm. Sweet grass, I’d say. Joe says there’s the taste of apples and bananas in there. The three sizes are 16-oz, a glassful, $4.95; 32-ounce plastic (“good” plastic) bottle, $8 or $7 if you bring back your bottle for refill; and the one-gallon bottle ($29/$27).

Oh why not. I lay down a Lincoln and start slurping it down. Not hard to take. Halfway between medicine and fruitie smoothie, I’d say. Then I start jumping and man! I’m leaping over the tent! Uh, well, I swear you do feel a energized, even if it’s the power of belief.

Joe says the basic recipe is a bunch of all those dark green veggies your ma had to force down your gullet: kale, chard, collard greens, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, and parsley, plus apple juice, apple, banana and flax seed.

They also do a “raw” version, which means everything, but no apple juice. And a “greens only” mix, which is dandelion, kale, parsley and flax.


“The big thing is everything is organic and fresh and nothing is pasteurized, so you have living enzymes,” Phil says. He says a guy named Daniel Toth came up with the idea seven years ago.

No way I can haul around a green growler aboard my stretch limos. Guess I’m jes’ going to have to come to market more often.


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