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“Believe me,” Gayle Covner tells a reporter. “Soup tastes better a day later.”

She’s a pretty famous chef who has set up her restaurant, Blueprint, in Barrio Logan (1805 Newton Avenue, Barrio Logan, 619-298-7010).

She was talking to Keli Dailey of the U-T about a year ago.

So that thought came rushing back to me t’other day when I was in Barrio Logan, because, well, cooler weather’s got me thinking about soups again. And some eateries are really coming out with delicious home-made combos that are a meal in themselves.

Blueprint's one of them.


What thu heck. Stopped in to see how they were doing on the soup front.


This is the place where the actual café is separated from the kitchen by a huge architects’ drawing room. The M. W. Steele Group.

Gayle and her minions have to lug everything to and fro in the space between draftsman’s desks, from the kitchen to the café.

Those savory smells wafting back and forth must be hell on the draftsmen.

I'm kinda late for the lunch period when I get here, but one of Gayle's people comes up and says yes, they have veggie soup, $6 for a large cup with their kind of pita bread.

I go for it...



...OK, it doesn't look that exceptional...


...But once you start slurping, it’s body-warming and delicious, and more to the point: the dang thang has to be totally nutritious. Gayle comes by...


...and tells me what’s in it.

“Squash, kale, spinach, barley, split peas, kidney beans, sweet potatoes, leeks, and onions,” she says.

I can believe it. Grandma would be proud of me. I ate all my veggies. And they tasted great.

Above all, it fills me up, like a complete meal. And it’s good to know she gets it all locally and seasonally and whatever. It means you’re not swallowing Roundup, or any of those other pesticides.

Dang that was good. But I gotta go. Mainly because they’re closing up.

But Gayle says they’ll be opening up evenings, from January.

It’s only when I’m back downtown that I remember what I meant to ask her:

Was that soup a day old?

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