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As stated yesterday, there are over 20 brewing companies in the developmental stages within San Diego County. While those that are closer to opening are typically ready to shout the details about their soon-to-debut breweries from the rooftops in hopes of eliciting tasting room traffic, those that are closer to the beginning stages, smartly play their cards a little closer to the vest.


Count Philadelphia transplant Robert Connor as part of the vested sect. His operation has a long way to go before it's operational. Even so, he did share some of the basics of his master plan: to establish his company, RPM Brewing, and offer a variety of beers under the label Analog Ales. If all goes as planned, that name will also be applied to several brewpubs Connor aims to open. He is still deciding on an initial location, but has targeted downtown San Diego and Carlsbad as potential communities to house his brewery.

It’s more ambitious than some of the other nano-sized and tasting room-only businesses working to get their doors open, but this isn’t Connor’s first rodeo. Before moving to San Diego, he owned his own regional microbrewery called Independence Brewing Company in Philly. That was back in the mid-‘90s when the American craft brewing landscape looked much different than it is today. With any luck, brewing will prove to be like riding a bike and, once Connor knocks the rust off the chain, he’ll be able to quickly shift things into gear.

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