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Gotta thank the beautiful Carla for this. She insisted on loading our bikes on the 901 bus and heading for Coronado Island.

“We’ll ride around it,” she said. “Much better than paying a gym.”

'Course first you have to get through the bridge freak-out. You watch your machines sway back and forth outside the front as the driver does a Nantucket sleigh ride down that long-legged sky-road. But a moment later you're off at the first stop, cutting past the hospital, joining the bike path that snakes under the bridge and heads for, hey, the golf course.

“You should play here,” says Carla. “This is public.”

“Doesn’t mean it’s free,” I say. “This is Coronado, remember? Plus, me? Play?”

"Let's just go see," Carla says.

By now the sun is getting down, heading for Japan. And the fact is, we’re hungry, and down the golf club driveway you can see what look like...white umbrellas?

“Let’s eat first,” she says.

The rest is history, or really, herstory. Because it turns out this public golf club has a public eatery called Grumpy Dan’s Grill (2000 Visalia Row, Coronado).

It's right in the swank clubhouse, with a dining patio that gives you a spectacular bridge’n bay view.

But here’s the charm. It turns out they have a 7-day happy hour from three to six.

And “three” is the magic number. Three dollar appetizers like crab cakes, nachos, potato skins with cheese, bacon, green onions, buffalo chicken fingers, onion rings and street tacos. Glass of house wine’s $3, Bud pint is $2…I tell you, these admirals have it good.

But so did we. And we’re coming back - next time I’m flush - for, one, a $15 sunset round of golf (a good anonymous time to whack the ball if you're a sod-digging gofer-golfer like me), and the prime rib dinner (Thursdays and Sundays only, around $16 for 10-ounce, to $20 for the 14-ounce).

And a $2 Bud.

And, oh yeah, the round-the-island bike ride? Some time, real soon.


Coronado Municipal Golf Club's 50th anniversary mosaic at entrance


Terry, a local regular, sips a happy hour house wine

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