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Chicken lovers Unite!

Today (December 6) is the day.

According to secret sources on the sceptered isle of Coronado (okay, Carla’s buddy/hairdresser Diane called her), the Coronado City Council is set to debate whether their ban on keeping chickens within city limits is right.

Who cares? Leslie Crawford cares. For the past two months a friend has been hiding her two chooks in a Safe House beyond the long arm of the law, somewhere on the island.


Now Crawford receives only 10 of the 14 eggs they lay each week. The other four? Hush money to “grandmother” (the mysterious lady’s code name), who’s keeping them out of sight until this thing blows over.


Leslie Crawford

Backstory: The city has banned the biddies since 1997, making Coronado the sole city in the en-tire county to outlaw the raising of chickens.

Ms. Crawford claims her chooks created not only an egg each every day. They also delivered the poop that makes her tomato crop famous (see her website, “3,000 tomatoes”).

“I depended on their eggs for breakfast. Besides, in this age of sustainable living, it’s very, well, chick to grow local and eat fresh.”

Two months ago, the city uh, hatched a plan to “gather information,” and ordered staff to lay out their findings at the December 6th council meeting.

So today’s the day. Leslie needs back-up. Meeting’s at 3:00 p.m. at City Hall (1825 Strand Way, Coronado). Come in your hens of thousands. Paint up placards saying “No Chooks, No Taxes!” And “Chickens Are People Too.” And “Don’t Egg Me On!” And “Cross the Road to Get to the Other Side!”

Force this council to join the Locovore Century.

And how badly does this Poultry Pioneer miss counting her chickens?

“Well I miss their eggs, and their poop for my tomatoes,” she says. “But actually chickens are hard to get to know, personally. It’s my Jack Russell, Ringo, who really misses them. He’d eat them in a snap, if they ever got out.”

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