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This is no yoke: Somewhere On Coronado, two egg-laying chickens are hiding in a Safe House. OK, Safe Coop.


The Snowflakes

Their owner, Leslie Crawford has had to spirit them into the hands of underground friends since she discovered keeping chickens is ILLEGAL on Coronado.

Say what? The law is no way ancient. It was only adopted in 1997, making Coronado the sole city in the en-tire county to ban chickens.

You have to ask: is the Emerald Isle hoping to be named Retro City of the Year? Mayor Casey Tanaka an Egg-Beater?

Ms. Crawford didn’t only need the chooks for the poop that makes her tomato plants famous (see her website, “3,000 Tomatoes”), but she depended on their eggs for breakfast. (They lay one each, every day.)


Clandestine keeper of hidden hens caught delivering several days' layings to Ms. Crawford

Last month she wrote an impassioned, chicken-joke-laden letter to the City.

“In this age of sustainable living, it’s very chick to grow local and eat fresh. When I hatched this idea…”

Crawford also pointed out her hens are creating locovore food. Since this whole argument began back when the chooks arrived last December (she calls them her “Snowflakes” mainly because they’re white and, well, arrived last December) they have laid over 442 eggs.

“I’m here to say, fresh eggs are all they’re cracked up to be,” she says.


Was the council moved? The law has not been changed.

But the city did order staff to “gather information,” and bring back their findings to an upcoming (December 6th) council meeting.

Crawford says she's gonna pack that meeting with good eggs to cry "Fowl!" until the city, uh, lays out new rules.

Come on Coronado, don't be chicken. Cross the road.

And Ms. Crawford, good cluck!


Leslie Crawford

(Most chicken jokes stolen, and pix borrowed, from Ms. Crawford's website)

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urbanoceangirl Oct. 18, 2011 @ 8:51 a.m.

Hey Bill - Snowflakes, no doubt, are doing the henscratch "happy dance" with you going to bat for them. Early rising roosters might be another matter to cluck about, Coronado city council, but two lovely Snowflakes, Puhleeze!


NadoExPat Oct. 19, 2011 @ 1:17 p.m.

Having lived through an adolescense in Coronado, I am qualified to make this comment about the towns' residents: if your action harms no one, someone will be annoyed.


nan shartel Oct. 19, 2011 @ 3:05 p.m.

they r so pretty...let them stay... Coronado needs a wake up call every morning

this is so funny and i really get this blog...and does that mean i can have chickens in my Lakeside mobile home park???

lets see they're under 25 pound and i could claim they're bird pets :-()


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