Firefighters Respond to 2 Incidents in San Quentin (La Vigia, 1/20/13 by Enrique Rojas)

San Quintín, BC – In a difference of minutes and within a relatively short distance between one another, firefighters of San Quentin extinguished two fires yesterday morning in the town of San Quintin.

The first incident occurred around 9:30 hours and was started in a vacant property located on calle Mexicali Street in Colonia Ciudad San Quintín apparently caused by perverse hands. Since the fire originated in the rear of the lot and was found in a high bush stuck next to the wall, flames reached and damaged a cornice and edge of the roof of the house.

The timely arrival and immediate intervention of firefighters prevented flames from becoming widespread on the roof of the house and causing further damage, because the flames had already ignited the wood and cardboard covering it. This home is owned by Mrs. Esperanza Pérez Estrada and marked as number 276 of calle Segunda to the South and bordering the property where the fire originated. It is unknown who is the owner of that property.

The second incident was reported half an hour after the first on calle Francisco Villa in colonia Cinco Mil. This house is built of sheet metal, wood and cardboard. The house was uninhabited and neighbors said it is ignored by the owner. It is unknown how the fire began. In this case also, the timely arrival of the firefighters helped keep the fire from reaching other houses.

Due to the proximity of the burned areas and by the time difference between one and the other, the neighbors of the second housing area "suspected" that it could be the same person who set the fires in both cases. Although the research lies with the competent authorities and firefighters, they said it won't be easy to identify and arrest the alleged arsonist, because none of the fires were witnessed; unless later stated at one or the other places.

Concern over Accumulation of Waste (La Vigia, 1/20/13 by Enrique Rojas)

San Quintín, BC - Since workers from the municipal delegation only collect garbage in large bags and leave what is loose, residents of San Simon have expressed their worry. They mentioned that this has been happening for around two months now and at this time the loose garbage that has accumulated is becoming "a real focus of infection" for those who live in the area.

Neighbors explained that waste is deposited in a container that is located a short distance to the North of the entrance of the ejido Francisco Villa. They reported that the container was installed there by municipal delegate Miguel Angel Ibarra Zazueta about six or seven years ago as a measure to prevent the accumulation of trash in the area. This was to discourage the practice of burning waste, as is usual for some families living in places where there are no frequent collections, they stressed.

Those affected expressed that near the installation of the container about two months ago, workers would clean once a week and sometimes every 15 days, and it was all rubbish. "But in recent weeks all that materialized was not in big bags and that which was loose or in small bags is not taken, and this has made a lot of trash accumulate", they stressed.

They made a call to the competent authorities to solve the problem which can represent a health problem for the inhabitants of the town by the noxious pests that reproduce. Aware of the situation, the head of the Regional Unit of Municipal Public Services, Heriberto Pérez Bañales, offered to address and solve the problem as soon as possible. He said that workers had instructions to go to the place, “But I don't know why they weren't there and left the other items."


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