PGJE Presumes Revenge was Motive in Homicide (Tijuana Press, 1/14/13 by Nora Leticia Garcia)

Tijuana, BC - Zulema Camacho Cantera, 42, originates from Tijuana as well as her former boyfriend who is a fugitive. They are suspects in the murder of Isaac Roa Flores that occurred on December 30, 2012. The official version of the crime indicates the woman acted in revenge against the victim, when he told her he want to pay her 14 year old daughter to have sex with the minor. The report of the Attorney General of Justice of the PGJE State commented she then unleashed her fury on him.

According to Camacho Cantera authorities, she attacked him with a kitchen knife wounding the victim several times in the chest. When she noticed he was still alive, she used an electrical cord from a lamp to strangle him for several minutes until he died.

The lifeless body was abandoned for several days, until the accused asked for help from her former partner. Together they wrapped the corpse in plastic bags and threw it in a trash can, reported the State.

The full statement of the PGJE is as follows: No.18/13 PGJE APPREHENDS WOMAN FOR MURDER OF SUBJECT A woman confessed that she killed the deceased out of revenge today, because he wanted her to sell her youngest daughter of 14 years of age to have sexual intercourse with him. The former boyfriend of the woman helped her dispose of the body.

TIJUANA, BC, January 14, 2013 - The Attorney against Organized Crime, through the Organic Unity of Premeditated Killings appropriated the couple for their alleged responsibility in the crime of qualified homicide and the cover-up committed and facilitated against Isaac Roa Flores. The accused responds to the name Zulema Camacho Cantera, 42, originally from Tijuana and her ex-boyfriend is a fugitive.

The facts were recorded last January 3, 2013, at a home located between calles Morelos and Galeana opposite of number 7424, on Cañon Jonson. Derived from research, that day, Zulema Camacho with the help of her former boyfriend, killed Isaac Roa. Established is that the motive for present murder was revenge at the time on December 30, 2012, when she was in the bedroom of the deceased, the accused accepted money to have intercourse with him.

When she was about to be intimate with the victim, he commented that she could sell her daughter of 14 years of age to have intercourse. The comments sparked the fury of the accused. So next, Zulema threw the suspect to the ground, which caused the prosthetic left leg to the deceased to come-off. Taking advantage of the state of helplessness of the victim, the suspect took a kitchen knife from the table, which she brandished with her hand, injuring the deceased that day repeatedly on the side of the chest. Seeing that he was still alive, Zulema subdued him, tying his hands with a power cable of a lamp in the room Isaac had cut moments before; she strangled him for several minutes, until it caused his death.

Then she locked him in his own home and left the corpse abandoned for several days, until she asked for help of her former partner. On January 2, 2013 at 17: 00 hours the suspect phoned her ex-partner and together they went to the house and room of the deceased, whose corpse they wrapped in plastic bags and they threw it in a rubbish dump.

For the foregoing reasons, criminal action was brought against Zulema Camacho Cantera for the offense of homicide and she was arrested, and against her former partner who is a fugitive. Once the order of apprehension was completed against Zulema Camacho, she was placed available to the Juez Penal de Primera Instancia, confining her in the State penitentiary at La Mesa.


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