Sale of 900ml "Liters" of Petrol to End (El Sudcaliforniano, 10/15/12 by Aracely Hernandez F.)

La Paz, BC Sur - Multiple citizens’ complaints claim the authorities must put a stop to the "shoplifting" and/or fraud incurred by petrol stations, which do not sell complete liters, since a great majority sell "liters" of only 900 milliliters. What consumers expect is a change and that they sell full liters starting the 26th of this month which begins the enforcement of official Mexican Standard 005, the measure which will halt some dealers of PEMEX from continued stealing with impunity.

Since it is a practice uncovered after decades of stations practicing the sale of “polled" or short liters of from only 800 to 900 ml, the 005 NOM emerged to regulate and monitor the sale of fuel at petrol stations in the country and force companies to sell full liters.

Fraud that has existed for a lifetime of PEMEX dealers is expect to slow down starting on October 26 when the Norma Oficial Mexicana 005 enters into force, as well as the 185, which mentions fuel pumps must have software that contains security locks so they cannot be altered, and so release full liters.

In this sense, according to the Federal Attorney for Protection to the Consumer (PROFECO), it refers to those entrepreneurs who are not willing to comply and will be enforced. So consumers can expect that even if owners of petrol stations do not comply, and this is a fundamental right of any person, PROFECO has the obligation to inform the consumer those stations are in violation so that they know that the agency has verified those gas stations.

Protesters Ask for Better Medical Services (El Sudcaliforniano, 10/12/12 by Raul Villalobos Davis)

Loreto BC Sur - "One of the priorities of my administration as a popular representative of Loreto is and will be provided, so Loreto has accessibility to health services of quality and warmth. It is a fundamental right of all Mexicans and to date, in Loreto, this has completely failed".

So said the Congressman Santos Rivas García, interviewed in the context of the peaceful demonstration by successors of the ISSSTE, who gathered during the celebration of the transfer of powers, that year after year gives Loreto the dignity of "Capital of the State of Baja California South", as part of the celebrations of its founding, to protest the lack of doctors and basic medicine, as there is a serious lack of medicines that highlight the vulnerability of Loreto before any medical eventuality, said the Deputy of the citizen movement party that along with two loretanas members, Dora Elda Oropeza Villalejo and Lupita Olay Davis, who shared their concern about the health of Loreto, especially now that its municipal seat was federally designated as "Pueblo Mágico” (Magic town) to attract tourism, which will offer greater job opportunities, it is necessary to count on hospitals, clinics, medical specialists and medicines to meet any requirement for much of the population in general, and visitors.

Santos Rivas, in his capacity as Chairman of the Standing Committee on Finance and Complaints of the Congress of State, by making use of the powers as an Agency of this Legislature XIII, has been avoiding the clamor of the people, saying that Loreto has appropriate physicians, since the pilot program that authorities intended to put in place has yet to offer Universal medical service among the three institutions of health: ISSSTE, IMSS and SSA, and to date has not yielded the expected results, because each institution requires autonomy and its own resources, because each one, separately, have their own needs.

He acknowledged that the current state administration has heard the Loreto’s cries of distress, but still needs the last part which is to manage federal authorities in the sector, for the provision of more doctors and especially medicines dispensed by the ISSSTE pharmacy.


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