VICTORIA, TAM (Expresionenred, 5/18/11) - State authorities announced this afternoon that several armed individuals were dead after an incident with agents of the PF and apparently with the army.

Allegedly, Federal Police shot at the crew of a pickup truck who did not stop when indicated. A pursuit ended in Lucio Blanco near the Puente Internacional Los Indios. At a curve and intersection on the Matamoros-Reynosa highway, the fugitives resisted and were challenged by the military and were allegedly shot dead by the military trying to stop them. The suspects retreated and exchanged gunfire with federal agents, killing at least four of the suspects.

Puente Internacional Los Indios was closed for several hours following the incident. It is expected that federal authorities will provide more information later.

REYNOSA, TAM (Expresionenred, 5/5/11) - The Ministry of Defense, through the command of the 4th Military Region, informed the public that within the framework of the Integral Strategy of the Mexican State against drug trafficking and organized crime in the "Northeast" of an operation at 1200 hours on 3 May 2011.

Military personal within the jurisdiction of 8/a military zone, addressing a citizen complaint in poblado El Nogalito in the town of Miguel Alemán, were attacked by gunfire from members of organized crime. In defense, troops repulsed the assault. One aggressor died at the scene and five more were arrested. Also seized were 18 long guns, 76 loaders for various weapons, 2,933 cartridges of different calibers, and four vehicles.

During the event, six people who allegedly were deprived of their liberty were released. The body of the deceased and the detainees were placed at the disposal of the relevant authorities, as well as the individuals who were released. These actions confirm the commitment to society that the armed forces have acquired within the framework of the “Operación Noreste” (Operation North) to generate a climate of peace, trust, and harmony amongst the population. The collaboration of citizens will remain anonymous and confidential, as will the complainants that contribute in the capture of members of organized crime, including their phone number and e-mail address.

VICTORIA, TAM (EnLíneaDIRECTA, Benny Cruz Zapata, 5/19/11) - In Tamaulipas there are 400,000 tamaulipecos who are more than 60 years of age. Countless suffer in silence all kinds of abuse, from economic, emotional to physical violence. This is why they have signed a collaboration agreement with the State Commission of Human Rights, to disseminate the culture of complaining for the respect of people in the third age. The delegate of the Institute National of Older Adults, in Tamaulipas, Genny Solís Martínez, such actions are to avoid the reality of suffering that is a dramatic panorama of the population of the third age: We are talking about a highly vulnerable population, abused, ignored, exploited on many occasions, his family are his main executioners. She mentions it is time to look to see this more extensive population sector: With sadness and the work being done here in the delegation of INAPAM, I can say that I see many injustices. Talking about the most sensible of a society, is why today I’d like all children to reflect about their relationship with parents. Above all that, they show their children to love their grandfather and grandmother. This is the best way to begin to recover what has long had faded when previous generations were distinguished: the respect for the elderly and what love and respect for the grandparents it instills. She adds: It is painful to see that when it comes to old forgotten parents, the elders who become invisible when they no longer work, when they do not produce, they are reduced to a ghost at times without memory that roams the House. In addition, this can be sad, because hardly in these times where life is lived in a hurry, we can learn to reflect on the family and relationship we have with them. -They want to feel loved, regardless of social status. They suffer from the same: loneliness, abandonment, even feel they’re not wanted, they stay out of the way, or don't have an opinion. She says that this not the only indifference, but abuse and mistreatment are part of the reality faced by older adults: They don’t want to be seen in trouble. They suffer in silence. It is the love of parents that hold everything. We are touched to see that the old folks not bother the son or daughter-in-law to little speak to not disturb them. They become silent; they try to make themselves invisible, because unfortunately many children have little interest in the feelings of their parents in old age. It is when it is most needed and they have not asked anything, only conforming. This is an urgent need: to return to a culture of respect for the elderly. Give them a voice in the house. Give them the seat on public transportation. Because at the end of all, we are all going there and what today we are sowing, tomorrow will we reap.


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